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I still need to get the Halo games..

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Tomb Raider reboot took years to make the most of its sales. Across two generation of consoles and PC.

You and the rest of the fanboys expect Rise of' to do it in a month on one platform.

Titanfall was always meant to be multi_plat. MS just wanted exclusive rights to the first game.

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Why don't you play the 1000 games you have in your steam library untouched..?

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Sweet Sweet game.. As soon as it becomes fully multi+plat, do indulge... it's too good not to share..


Always and Forever ..


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The Order? Forgotten

Bloodborne - I'll give you this one only 'cause it's based on a proven formula, souls games.

Gow 3 - been there done that..on PS3

Until dawn - movie_like passive experience.

MLB_ out here in europe we only speak Fifa

Tearaway _ Vita game..
Uncharted _ been there done that..on PS3

so, we're left with Bloodborne.

Waiting over a yea...

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Bloodborne is pretty much a souls game.

to back that up, I said It's not a brand new experience.

I will still pick it up when I get a PS4. Not a system seller to me. I wouldn't buy a PS4 for it alone.

Yes, Halo TR and co aren't brand new either..
But that's more than ONE game. More quality games than ONE.

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Bloodborne has already peaked in terms of sales.. It is niche.

Halo and co' will go on to do more numbers..

a difficult pill for you to swallow... sorry ^_^

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@ DigiRap

Bloodborne IS a NICHE title..

WW figures is about 2 mill'. It's not a mainstream game..

That said, it is a quality game for those that are into that type of game. I am.

I still stand by my statement.. It is the only title worth playing on PS4.. at the moment. It is my opinion.


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You say that because that's the only thing worth playing on PS4 this year.

Bloodoborne is a souls game at its core.. It's not something people haven't experienced before..

Yes it has a high metascore.. as souls games usually do.

also, Bloodborne is more of a niche title..

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I don't see why you guys are fighting over GOTY, Destructiod is just another website.

Everyone's got their own game of the year..
it isn't biblical ..

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XO: thirds party deals are still on it like Witcher 3, Fallout Fifa and Tomb Raider.
New IPs such as Ori Sunset scalebound a co'
all without being the top selling console.

WiiU: new ips such as Splatoon, third party deals like Bayonetta 2, all without being the top selling console.

as for Vita, Sony just chose to abandon it and focus on PS4 whereas when 3DS was struggling, Nintendo pumped out more exclusives till things changed.

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You will get various answers. For gamers it's a personal thing, so long as they're being kept happy. It's all good.

Are you happy with the games you're playing?


The sales department is none of my concern as I don't work for MS SONY or NINTENDO.

What I care about is how I'm catered to in terms of games.

All consoles have sold enough to be guaranteed support for the res...

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The scalebound one made me laugh.. cheers

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awesome game
I might get my PS4 early 'cause of it

My fav game on Vita.

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I'm a sucker for 2D stuff, Instant purchase as soon as a man can get his hands on it.

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You clowns are so far into you delusional "console war" you now see everything as 'trolling'.

A man can't question anything anymore.

Maybe a man is genuinely unhappy about delays. Just maybe.

We're all looking forward to Uncharted 4, Sony's biggest title...

Spare me your BS.

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I feel your pain I really do..

Express yourself as much as you like..

Thank goodness I have my XO

If all I had was a PS4, this wait would be excruciating.

I've been looking forward to Uncharted for so long now wow..

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I wonder what's really going on...

Since it'll release in the same month as Quantum Break, my PS4 purchase will have to wait even longer...

oh well..

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I hope we haven't seen the last of The Order, I like the concept.

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