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I already expected a good game, but I confess I was surprised, the game is even better than I had imagined. I hope to continue to be surprised in the coming months as the game gets new updates.

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Despite being a Portuguese website, can leave your comments in any language that will answer most certainly is ultimately a project that always puts the user first

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Although I like that Sony stands out is this E3 (only because I have PS3 and PS4) believe more that Microsoft is the one who will stand out after E3 2013 it was very difficult, especially when Sony came on the heels of butchering Microsoft, I think this year will surpass all that and make an almost perfect conference.

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I just gave as an example the news of the site, to really say that Ed Boon had hinted that the lobo would be a playable character. Any news that is not saying "Here is the playable character", "This is the playable character" or direct confirmation (and not indirect as the picture) even if you know that may mean that the character will be in the game must be treated as rumor, every day there are thousands of people saying this and that and own up to the heads of the studio...

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For many this is a game that does not say much, but I'm eager to finally play, I have great respect for the universe of DC Comics.

Speaking of Lobo, here are the news we did 11 days ago on Ed Boon to understand him as a playable character.

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It is a game that I am without doubt the wait

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