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Does MS offer cross platform progression with their games on Steam and EGS? Honestly curious kuz I don't know. I do agree Sony should create its own launcher for cross progression on PC too. Would be a nice benefit

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Hufflepuff all the way. Get down with the weirdos!

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I did the exact same! I always keep thinking that FFVII is my favorite of the bunch, but every time I play this I remind myself otherwise

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I've been a fan of Christopher Judge for 25 years, so I'm glad he had the opportunity to get up there, slow down, and talk from his heart. Was the best speech of the night imo

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The switch to me is like cable TV. There are a thousand channels but nothing's on. It's been a really long time since I've been excited to play a game that's come out on the Switch. I would've figured that now that Nintendo has cornered both it's console and handheld market into one system that they would have dozens of first party games coming out each year. But, like typical Nintendo, if the gimmick (hybrid design) sells the system, they have no incentive to do more ...

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The textures and lighting look nice

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If Sony could've made the PSVR2 a portable/plugin hybrid, I think that would've been the best option for max sales. Especially selling the thing for $550! Or sell the thing for $400 for mass market appeal. I just don't think Sony has confidence in new consumers picking up VR so they're gonna milk early adopters for everything it can, even if it means not selling very many headsets. Just maximize profits. PSVR already proved to them that VR gamers buy tons of games. Hell, I was...

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That's the assumption. I'm sure things could change, or Sony could create a toolkit that makes it easy for a team to transfer Move controls to the Sense controllers. We'll just have to wait and see, but I'm not really optimistic anymore

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I think the saddest part of the announcement that it'll have 20+ games at launch is the phantom confirmation that it won't be BC with the OG PSVR. If it was, they would have confirmed 300+ (or however many games are on PSVR) games available to play at launch. Kinda makes me sad to think about it

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Hell no. Period. Great game but it's only a decade old that barely looks better than the PS4 remaster. AND that game has Factions, one of the best MP games I've ever played. Spend five bucks on that one and play it on the PS5

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Will it fix the Rest Mode crashing issue? Doubtful. Certainly not a widespread issue, but it's annoying nonetheless that they haven't fixed it after a year and a half.

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Lol no duh. And it's probably unanimous from every gamer ever. There probably isn't a single gamer who hasn't played a Mario game at some point and loved it

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On a single player RPG, sure. After you paid $59.99 for the game, "$30 - You Win the Game Achievement Unlocked!" /s

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Hopefully this means an end to the cheap rubber-banding crap they do on the harder races. So sick of that in racing games.

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RT is great in a lot of games, but it isn't necessary in a racing game with a fixed viewpoint. I think it was Digital Foundry that did a video on the FH5 RT mod and it hardly had any difference in reflections because SSR is more than adequate with a fixed camera

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The RT mod for FH5 on PC is a good example of why RT in a racing game isn't necessary. Fixed view games like this are just fine with SSR. Gives you the majority of the reflections with a fraction of the workload. I'd go with a high FPS mode any day

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I'm going to laugh when MS responds with, "so, Bungle was just owned by the company we just purchased and Destiny is still a contracted game with that company, so technically you can't license that game under your name and we'll take all the proceeds. M'kay thanks, and have a good day." I know that's not the case, but MS did buy Rare thinking they owned Donkey Kong, so it's not out of the realm of possibility

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Looks like the Red Rust epidemic from The Last Ship TV show

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If Sony created its own launcher on PC, it could make the games you buy on the PlayStation store cross play on PS5 and PC. It would create incentive for people to still buy into the PlayStation ecosystem, even though they would also have the ability to buy from the other launchers

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Got it for the Quest 2 and it's superb!

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