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Until then, she'll have to simply.....remain "Quiet".

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Ive been loading it up into my junkjet and thumping cowards in the face with cash. Cuz how else can u get the point across that I gots moneys?

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Character design and concept of this game is all around amazing! Hoping nothing but the best for this game and the company.

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Totally agree with u Mega.
Whenever I say your exact words in another thread, I get disagrees to high hell. Everyone was busy shiting on the game and so called "wanting a refund" because this FO supposedly strayed away from the FO format, Not even thinking about the Season Pass, NOW everyone wants justice and demands a better price.
As I said, the price is still 30 until the 1st. If u want it, get it now. Reason for price increase is added content. Not a life changi...

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You know the caliber of the DLC that Fallout games receive.
You know the price of the season pass will now go up from 30-60.
You have until March 1st to get it for $30 if u absolutely NEED it.

Solution- Buy it NOW b4 the price hike or dont. This isnt rocket science. These things cost money and they are stating that they are adding more content and had to compromise. For them to even do THAT is nothing to get mad at them for. They gave a deadline b4 price incre...

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Original development announcement was that there was over 400 hours of game-play possible. I don't understand what exactly they are looking to do.

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They are being DDOS'd again. It is because every holiday, *certain groups* like to flex and attack both parties thinking they are doing justice by making you spend time with your family and actually enjoying the holidays, rather then sitting in front of a game all day.
That and they are proving to the companies that their security system is crap and trying to blackmail them.

Nothing as of yet can be done about a DDOS attack. Just know that as long as they want to ...

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There are a lot of upgrades yes, but they mentioned in another vid that it is not wise to throw all upgrades on your car at once. The upgrades are suited for certain situations only. Case in point, u cant throw heavy armor and heavy raming grills on and still expect for your car to go fast. Also bigger block engines will burn gas faster. Its all about suiting the car to the needs of what you need to get done.

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I'd absolutely love nothing but the return of this franchise. It IS my favorite game of all time but i swear i don't want them to drop a steaming deuce on its chest and just push it out as trash.
Sega seems to think that if it aint Sonic, then it aint worth money.

Need to get out of that mind frame.

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Thats great! Let this be one of the few times that I say "They should be focusing all efforts on outstanding DLC/Expansion packs."

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That every announcement will be spoiled before E3 even starts.

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Oh man! I hope he is as horrible as he was in SoTN on purpose again.

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Better butter up your poopers.

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I dont understand what some so called "gamers" want now days. 1st, they attack a game for having too much emphasis on cut scenes and story, then they attack a game for getting straight to the action and not having enough cut scenes and not looking like it has a story....from TWO trailers, this assumption has been reached.

Yet CoD flies off of the shelf, day one and majority of the buyers never even look in the campaign's general direction?
Which has basi...

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Nothing wrong with producing and bringing an AO game to the market. Its the intention of broadcasting it openly to whoever wants to come in and watch is what they are trying to X out.
U wouldn't want your kid going to the theater on the weekend because they are showing free porn for 4-6 hours, now would you?

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Awww, I wanted to stream Hatred on the 1st....oh well.

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Guys guys the game should be simply titled:
"Sins Of The Father"
It even sounds good on paper.

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Igarashi left them a while ago. He probably got a hint as to what was to come when they tried to bastardized Lords of Shadow. Hes a wise man that literally keeps to the shadows and watches to see when to make chess moves...I do believe this is a check f*cking mate!

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"....take off your pants"

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Daaaamn, now that u said it. Look at him, sitting there SCHEMING!!!
Cant wait to see were Ricky and Bubs fits in the game now. Lahey's gonna bring a sh*t blizzard down on that beautiful sob.

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