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breath of fire 3 on ps1, is one of my all time favorite games. never played the other boF games, so def gonna play this.

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i just deleted the rayman demo on my wii u. i was gonna buy rayman on it bc right now i just want something to play. rayman can just bomb for all i care, never perticulary liked it anyway. the delay is just bullshit and an exlusive demo is pure bullshit. i hope ubisoft loose money on this, like they deserve

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was thinking of buying this game, but now i will not. in sept. i will have lots of other games to play. real smart of ubi to piss of nintendo owners by delaying a finished game, and not cash in on the fact wii u lacks games at the moment.

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and just played it for a couple of hours. i agree with some of the points the reviewer is making, but i would score it higher though. i would give it a 7/10. that been said the game is not for everyone, but give it a chance, u might like it.

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of DI. IMO its an ok game, nothing else. i know I will get bored playing this game for more than 1 hour, so i will not buy. Bayonetta on the other hand felt so much better. have already paid for my copy of bayo. Hope darksiders will be alot better than DI, than ill be that game.

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and found the game to be ok, nothing more. Think i was really stupied that u fight death, and beat him so early in the game. it was all too easy, and death seamed like a little sissy! i liked the bayonetta demo alot more, the gameplay just worked alot better for me. i would give DI a 5/10, just cos it has no soul or charm

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game gonna flop big time. from the videos i have watched it looks boring as hell

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Love the pacing of the game. Yes sometimes u spawn a little out of the action, but it only takes about 20-30 sec. to sprint into action again. I like mw2 also, but sometimes i feel its too intense, never get to relaxe in that game...

my favourite class in bf2 is the engineer, which has an rpg:) doesnt take more than 3 well placed shoots to take the tanks out.

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just watched gametrailers review of the game. it gets an even lower score. activision should be sued for making all these pheripiral based games, poluting the world.

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hope my code works

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time we will be able to download the beta from us?

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i like mw2, but the whole call of duty hysteria, and the arrogant behaviour of activision ticks me off. if they keep this up they wont have much support in the future.

guitar hero 19: call of duty hardned edition

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will the betacode work if u have an us-psn account, even if u DONT live in the us?

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in one spot too long. i just have the marathon perk, and run around getting myself killed instead :P

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5,6,7 and 8

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maybee videogames made sure he didnt succeed...

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its up on the psn eu store tomorrow. glad i have an psp 3000 with a 16 gb stick. bc they release the psp games so slow on the eu psn. they really should have an universal store.

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out of nowhere to me too. never expected it to be that good. my second best game ever, just behind Balders gate 2. best gaming experience since about 1998/99.

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for all my games. i buy all the games i want, and some more:) just finished uncharted 2. just had to play demon souls for about 100 hours first:) now i am on brutal legend and mw2. still have red faction to play, though i dont think it will ever happen. have preordered assassins creed 2 and dragon age....unless i quit my job i couldnt possibly have the time to bother with platinums

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the platinum trophy is hard to get, but i do think there should be an own trophy for completing a game. i dont have any platinums bc a find it boring to play the same game just to get silly trophys, i do complete games though

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