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Oh thanks heavens i hope the fella suing Sony gets the victory and wipes sony bank account clean

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The gods at remedy have spoken another top notch high quality masterpiece makes its way to the messiah known as the 360,ps3 owners must be jealous that they will not experince this angelic blockbuster title next week,so Sad.

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Yikes! the graphics look the same like it did 2 yrs ago, i hope mm and sony put there best devs to work on the visuals i refuse to bua game with awful if ya guys excuse im going to play halo reach with my mates.

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Alan wake will change the face of gaming as we know it alan wake will be the citizen kane of gaming,Once alan wake drops it will the D-day for the so excited i have a boner right now

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Uncharted 2 made me puke with the godawful graphics luckily i had pepto bismol and played halo reach to calm my upset stomach and uncontrolable Diarrhea

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Shouldve been timed exclusive for the 360,Capcom would just had to focus with one platform instead of dealing withe gimp ps3.maybe it wouldve been a 9.5 if it was on the 360 first oh well...

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..Fail,the 360 is the most well rounded console this gen if i had a nickel when someone told me the ps3 would be in last place i would be a millionaire.

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Oh course it's dead ive been saying this since it came out,You know who's dead in the water as well the ps3.

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Good i hope the guy suinig sony wins the case and puts sony out of buisness and buy 17000 360 with da money and to hurt sony even more.

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uncharted 2 carrys alan wake jockstrap in terms of graphics,uncharted is plagues with low res,buggy glitches in the game.alan wake will destroy uncharted 2.and don't let me start with the gameplay alan wake mops the floor with nathan drake mantities

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Sony should just rename it to PoS Move,that's what exactly it is gimmicky and lame just like the eyetoy,As my homeboy hideo kojima said "Natal will start a revolution"

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The splinter cell series is best played on the 360.If it was on the ps3 that version will tank in sales like Rehash of war 3

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uncharted 2 is one of the worst games this know what every ps3 game sucked this gen.the 360 is all i need.

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Sony lacks originality all they do is bring lame ass franchises like twisted metal from grave since they have run outta of ideas,MS has brought us countless new ips like dead rising,geow,kameo,viva pianta...keep your twisted metal ps3 and shove it up your ass droids.

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Whatever it is it's gonna flop and be forgotten like every ps3 exclusive.

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Killzone 3....Now with waggle.

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Lair 2

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God of war 3 will be forgotten like uncharted 2 everyone will be moving onto bigger and better things such as halo reach beta when it comes out,there you go ps3 fans hyping another game yet you guys wont buy it.just like uncharted 2

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Heavy rain who?

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Looks awful look at the graphics it looks like forza 1 from the Xbox,Thank you Ms for blessing us with forza 3,Turn 10 from the bottom of my heart forza is truly the gran tursimo killer.jump in

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