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Sony is able to get preferential treatment from square for a fee very key reasons.
1. Sony owns stock in them again. Giving them a lot of pull.
2. Sony has typically had a great working relationship with them, only became rocky during ps360 era where they broke contracts with Sony over MS moneyhats and a falling out over their bread winner ffxi. This proved to have a negative effect on their brands. They r strongest together.
3. Final Fantasy XIV. SE biggest cash co...

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Thank you for saving me the click. Websites have become so desperate for views that they bait with a headline that they know won't satisfy once we read the useless article.

If there is a specific well known bug that the update fixes...sure, but gen maintenance is assuredly not news.

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I use my PS4 web browser to stream pornhub all the time. This is very dissappointing. The Xbox Series still has a browser. Hope they patch it in.

I honestly feel like it's absence has more to do with it conflicting with the Gamer Help functionality they implemented into PS Plus.

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Yea, I would say both Abby and Ellie had equal reason to want each other dead. And Joel and the Fireflies holds plenty blame as well.

Abby tortured Ellie's father figure to death. The man who also by the way, SACRIFICED THE WORLD FOR HER! Sure, Ellie/Joel relationship was Rocky at that point. Yet anyone with family knows you can feel Hate and Deep love at the same time. It didn't help that Ellie never got real closure will Joel, an aspect that often haunts tragedy ...

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... it's the giraffes, isn't it?😢

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Congrats to MS for their successes with Gamepass, but financially speaking it still looks like Sony has the winning formula. A lot of those 10 million GP subscribers are in a sale driven enrollment period. They just allowed many people to sign up and get it for $1 a month. That is definitely a steal....but will eventually end and we just don't know if retention will stick. Meanwhile.... Sony's game releases at have been stellar, each selling millions, most at full price. Sony is very ...

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I question it being dead space mainly because EA axed it's developer studio, Viceral. That one really ticked me off.

I think Mass Effect and/or Dragon Age remasters are more likely because Bioware is in a tough spot right now, and they need some positive gains.

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1. They open ONE game out of dozens of copies for a title so they can display it on the wall. It's as simple as don't be the last person picking up the game, preorder it so they save you a sealed copy, or idk... don't buy the opened copy. No one is forcing you to do that. If you don't want an open copy just pretend it's the same as them being out.

Removing the plastic off a game is what is considered shop worn at best.

The $5 difference in...

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I really enjoyed Vampyr. DONTNOD does some really creative and inspired work. A sequel with more refined visuals and performance would be perfect.

They already have several new IP with other publishers.

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How is it this game still doesn't have Tifa available?!?!

Not to mention it really lacks single player content unlike previous entries.

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That no one will buy on Xbox.....
These types of games sell 4/1 in PS4s favor. Not to mention late ports suffer harsh sales decline. Will b the same for all the FF games coming to Xbox one. Outside of a serious money hat to release these....there is no way they will be profitable on their own.

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I completely agree with this. I have been having a blast taking photos and adding funny captions. It is also perfect for wallpaper making.

Edit: I hope they add more funny face and posing options like Horizon Zero Dawn.

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I was hoping they would do a costume like this. Now if i can get one that is without the mask too that would be great. Swinging around as plain ol peter parker.

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The lose factor just wont be tied to his defeat. Could make it about the quality of saving lives.

There is a side scrolling super hero game called "Whos That Flying?". The hero is invincible, its the city that represents his health bar.

Superman also has a myriad of enemies who rival him in power.

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Many people think the pS4 is only a success due to xbox ones early failings yet if you look at the trend the playstation was always likely to dominate.

Sony had one bad gen in PS3, which all things considered they bounced back hard and actually passed 360 total sales. The ps3 was always out pacing 360 but the year head start created a rhetoric of inferior performance.

Playstation has dominated 3 out of 4 generations it has been apart of. And not small w...

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Yes, Developers are deliberately choosing to use smaller file sized carts, but that is because they are expensive and proprietary to Nintendo. They are trying to neuter potential loss on what is already gamble ports(a gamble because previous 2 Nintendo systems were a black hole for 3rd Party games). For now, that looks to be the standard until those carts come down in price or the risk/reward on return is high enough.

Right now, The Sports titles like Madden and NBA on Swi...

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Honestly the Switch is already hitting it's upper wall on what it can do tech wise. This isn't good for any console. While it is a great console that is doing really well right now......they have a point. The internal memory is already proving quite the problem, several big 3rd Party games cannot fit on the internal at all, and consume a large portion of whatever Memory Stick sizes are in circulation. Many games that were slated for the Switch are being delayed because the ports ar...

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Sony has an interesting strategy now. During the PS2 and PS3 era they heavily experimented with MP based games. Some successes but many failures. They didn't really know what to do with it because the online landscape was constantly changing on them and they were unaccustomed to it.

PS4 era was different. Sony all but axed all their MP centric studios and teams. Geurilla who had previously worked on Killzone were moved to a Open World Action RPG(which was way better sui...

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Demanding Sony give up the benefit of their supreme lead in this console generation feels completely juvenile and short sighted. In the 360 era nobody tried to champion behind this because it had the lead. Yet now the tables have turned greatly in Sony's favor and butt hurt non PS4 owners want to make as much stink as possible on this subject so they don't have to concede that they chose wrong. Sony literally invented the idea behind Cross Play. They were doing it already back on the ...

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FFXV sold like 5mill on ps4 and 1mill on Xb1. The split is often about 5 to 1 with Japanese titles. With games like final fantasy that 1 mill can justify that version's existence. Yet the more niche stuff is subjective. Tales of max sells 500k-1mill on it's best platform, ps. 100k or less is often not worth the risk of lossed profit.

I don't think this will sell too well on xbox. Its digital only and MS has hones a specific cult following on xb1. Yet im pretty ...

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