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Are you Cyrus from the Tester??

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Seems like it has some potential.

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I played the beta and hated it. It was nothing but a repetitive borefest. I played 3 rounds and couldn't stand it anymore. It was mind-numbingly dull.

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Halo Reach sold 3 million copies on day 1?? Since when. I'm sure Halo Reach still hasn't hit 3 million so what are you on about?

edit: Oh and it only cost Sony $44 million to make GOW3. Which Sony made $33 million of that back on DAY 1.


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I'm very interested to see if it lives up to the hype. I haven't played it yet but its been praised like its the second coming. I can't wait to see for myself.

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Those forums are freakin hilarious, the 360 fanboys are crying non-stop. Its the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

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What are you 12?? Go cry to your mommy about it.

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Its based on some events, but its nearly all fictional. Just like WaW's storyline was never actually based on real missions. Its not meant to realistically represent the Vietnam & Cold war.

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Looking excellent as always.

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How in the hell did this get approved?!!

1st- Its a link to a forum post (Not allowed)
2nd- Its not even the Joker
3rd- Its not even an article. Its one sentence and one picture off of a CoD forum. Written by some young kid that loses his little mind over anything CoD related. "ZOMG ITZ TEH JOKER!!!"

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kids these days

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Of course there is. Top secret government experiments have been going on for decades.

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One word... Casuals

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I see alot of potential for a multiplayer in InFamous 2. Co-op is a given, but a competitive mode could be very entertaining, especially with all of Cole's powers.

edit: As someone mentioned above a wave mode would also be a ton of fun. (and very chaotic)

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Can't wait for the emblem creator. I'm gonna go crazy on that

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WOW, apparently you've never played Modnation. If we could create/mold our own maps, and/or add stickers/props all over our guns/characters then it would be like Modnation.

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I can't believe you guys are falling all over yourselves for the graphics. They really aren't that great. I mean ya they're good, but you guys are easily impressed I guys. Crysis 2 looks wayyy better than this (graphics wise)

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Soooo if Justin Beiber becomes a zombie everyone else will love him too?

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Want to know the best part??


If you don't like zombies don't play it. I don't understand why people have the constant need to bitch and moan about stuff that is completely optional.

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Zombies really exist, but never involved in the Cold War or Vietnam. In Haiti they have a zombification process, it is very real, just look up 'Haiti zombies' on google...

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