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Dunno if it's just me but i have grown a bit bored of MK, it's fine for shorter plays but then you want something with more variety.. like the new Mario Party.

No idea why they haven't included a mission mode like in DS.

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Humble Bundle have had some great deals for game (and even application) keys for those on PC TBH. Indie Gala were pretty good when they sold Quake for just £1 with the free upgrade to the remastered version just before it came out too.

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Or you could just get a decent PC, then you own the actual hardware.

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Just looks off since they ripped the anime style away from DOA.

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Personally, i used to be interested in these things, heck i still have my GP32, but i think I'll get more out of a new next gen GPU. Nvidia 4000 series are rumored to be complete beasts with the low end 4060 alone equaling the 3080.

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If they push the graphics of GTA 6 then current gen consoles will probably struggle unless they lower the resolution to 1080p or something and use upscaling, otherwise i wouldn't be surprised if the game will be locked to 30fps.

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I don't mind watching people trying to break records in short games, like Marble Madness or something, long games i don't really have much if any interest in for speed runs.

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Too bad they're not remasters, can easily play all these via emulators on PC and have been able to for a looong ass time.

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Yeah, i probably won't bother either. I have a powerful PC, would rather spend the money on a new next gen 4080 coming in less than half a year.

I used to be into quirky handhelds like the GP32 back in the day, but these days I'd rather a dedicated console handheld. The Deck does have the advantage of being able to run loads of different things though, whereas early handhelds could only really run homebrew stuff and emulators etc.

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I would've likely been interested in this, but it's not upgradable and i think they missed a trick there. Interesting device but not sure I'll buy, but will for sure buy a next gen GPU coming out in 5-6 months from now as they are rumored to be very beastly.

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Would've been better if they designed it to be upgradable, guess that would give them less sales on new models though. Meh.. Just gonna save my money for a new high end GPU coming in 5/6 months instead.

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Well, except for the fact the Deck can't be upgraded, I'd rather save the money towards a new high end next gen GPU coming in just 5/6 months.

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Yeah, but if they added stuff that wasn't there in the first game that's set later in time, it wouldn't make much sense.

VCS is a prequel but i can't remember if there was more to the map or not.. But either way an expanded Vice City would be pretty cool. As long as the map is a fair size without being too big or small it's fine. Just needs a lot of interactive stuff like minigames, golf, pool or whatever, lots of side quests or bonus things to do apart ...

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The police have arrested people and given them records over offensive comments, loads of examples. Even Ricky Gervais and John Cleese have had enough of Backwards Britain. It's a woke dump with no free speech.

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Nintendo is getting a lot like Apple, sell you underpowered hardware for more than it's worth. Always built my own PCs except the first one, you get much more power spending £1-2k on parts over buying junk Apple prebuilt machines.

Sure, Nintendo have some good games but they're even skimping on content for those, and still not making more games since their handheld devs joined with the main console.

Greedy company. I mean I know most are anyw...

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BBC are morons, only now they figure this? Surprised the British dictatorship took so long..

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