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@ Rookie You again lol the silent Sony troll. Stay in Xbox articles. Its a reason why 31 people are ignoring you and tracked by 15 lol.

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He erase the tweet that's definitely confirmation lol

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All Xbox fans thinks its an attack. Its really sad.

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@EDMIX just wait for the new ones they release in January. Or if you wanna save money go with the 900 series. Maybe I just have a falty one or have to update my graphic card. Keep in mind you get a lifetime warranty on the 900 series!

@Crash I need the DDR4 Ram

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Yes sir! The only thing is my GTX 980 gets really loud playing this game. I tried to adjust the fan and it still gets pretty loud. I am playing it in 4K. I hope my graphics card is not going out on me lol.

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I own both games and I can tell you right now Fallout 4 is better and on a whole another level I mean the depth and variety in this game is ridiculous I mean you can craft and build all kinds of things in this game. Tomb raider is just like the first game to me. Its a great game too but you can beat the game pretty quick and CD played it safe and just added a little bit more depth to the game play. It all comes down to preference and what you like. I prefer RPG games like Witcher, Dark Souls,...

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I actually did that

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SSD are extremely expensive but I love them and have never looked back.

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Bloodborne is better than DarkSouls it will definitely be a contender

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I just found this yesterday :)

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After playing this game in 4K you wanna play all your games in 4K. It's so beautiful to look at. This game is total package and I wouldn't be surprised if it wins GOTY!!

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It's awesome on the PC

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Better late than never

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Is it true that Fallout 4 already sold 2 million copies

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I totally agree with you TwoForce!

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Not gonna debate or argue about that. Good luck to all the games that comes out this month!!

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I agree!!!

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