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I'm total 360 fanatic but even I have to addmit that saying the 360s graphics are better than the PS3s is just stupid- Of course the PS3 is going to be better- Lanch titles are never a great graphical success (just compare Halo to Halo2- completetly different). Admittedly the graphics may not be 'as good' as prevously indicated but to say they are worse than a cheaper console is insane. Its kind of like saying that a Jaguar isn't as fast as a Clio because it doesn't reach 0 to 60 in 5 seconds...

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Well its people choice to go around and kiss boys in a video game. Im not prejudice but if your into that kind od thing then got for it. if your not just avoid it. Some of you people are just weird. Like you being forced to do stuff your not

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As long as its fun I will probally get it... or get my 10 year old brother to get it for me :(

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I'm all right with emotion but you need a good story behind it was well. When I play a video game i want to feel like Im in a good movie, not a 'Chick-Flick'

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I think having a demo before launch could only weaken sales concidering everyone with an xbox is going to buy one anyway. If the game turns out to be crap it will be too late cause we would've already bought it

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I can't believe non of you has realised that this is just simply the way things work. If a better and newer machine is out people are obliviously going to buy it instead of the old

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Microsoft is a company with, basically, an infanate amount of money at there disposal so as far as Im conserned they'll keep on shoving money into the Xbox brand no matter what happens. Which is of course a good thing.

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it looks prety officail to me. It doesn't seem like something someone would hoax on account that it is somethings gamers care very little about

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There seems to be some feeling in the air that this Halo is going have something really special in it, sooo Im really looking forward to seeing the multi and single player in-game footage.

I was serously suprised Bungie allowed gamers to go in and play Halo... like they've got something big to show us

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I think this is showing that time is just a pointless measurement that has nothing to do with the PS3s overall plan

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^^^Same here, no offence dude but this is not proper news, it's just crap

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I liked it when Link was a gamecube exclusive. It's just killed the magic having it on the wii. Mirroring the whole game? Im sure they will be bugs involved (like writting on signs or something like that) a bit extream imo

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I've always thought Nintendo was always a good 2nd place console just because every half-a-year or so you get a great game like Zelda or a good Mario title.
I think Ninto would become a better company if they just became a third pary producer like Sega and only knept to handheld consoles

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Funky_Town- some facts for U-

- No comfirmed DR2
- No comfirmed Lost Planet 2
- RE5 is coming Similtinusly for both PS3 and Xbox 360

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What in the gibblet has this got to do with gaming???!!!!

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In other sites I've heard complains that the PS3 is better for Online gaming because the Xbox Live has an annual fee.

Nobody on these forums seem to realise that the reason for Microsoft charging an annual fee is because they buy the servers- thus, if you can be bothered to look into the economics of it, the games cost less which is fairer to the offline gamers out there

SO Basically PS3 Online games will cost more and posssble fees to pay for servers and upkeep...

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Is there any reason in Microsoft/gamemakers making the UK wait a month for a game to come out thats alread avaiable in the UK. What is Microsoft/gamemakers going to gain from this??
if anyone really knows why i'd like to know because in my opinion its just stupid :(

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I would love a Halo RTS I hope they end up making one. This artical seems a little dogy- when it comes to Bungie- the original site is the only ligit source of information

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I asume this will not be the case but It seems that Sony it trying, according to this rumar, to become a a total kill joy to get a few extra dollers.
Steam does stuff like this and they remain hated to this day (by most)

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For someone who hasn't played DN I think this is a good thing. It'll give people a chance to play a classic even though it is before their time

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