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Yakuza >>>> RE7

More of a first person shooter than anything. A Good FPS nonetheless

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Story is busllsh!t...
He's mentioning pure shoots that he must've like because..
2004 Ninja Gaiden was pushing poly's like a motherPhucker..
then to top it off he acts like the dreamcast did'nt exist.
Virtua fighter 2 set the standard for hi-Res polys with a smooth 60 fps setting unheard of. After that Virtua fighter continued to set the bar graphically with each iteration. Sega was the revolutionary of this 3-D world. Mario was the originat...

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No Fair Sony get all the FPS's.

[email protected] all the people who say this game has no lag with 60 players.

Two words.
Bullet Lag

You may not have control lag but bullet lag is ever present

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They been saying that years now and its been 3 years since the 360 dropped and 2 since the PS3 dropped. Everybody who said the 360 was going to die ate their words and move on to other excuses. The 360 with live out its life span and so will the PS3. None of the machines is going to kill each other. One will just do better until the overall number decide after 5 years who had the most sucessful console. Ya'll worrying about feeding the troll. Don't Feed the media.

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While You Niggas is Babbling My Bullets are traveling like a Javelin to hit Locust or Chimera Man.

Please Grow up and get serious fellas. Noen of these Companies care if your loyal. If they did we would'nt get nickel and dime for Downloadable content like Thems and Gamerpics.

I guess the million question is.... Who's ready to purhase the Resistance or Gears Map packs of Part 1 one stages for 10$

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It add surealism to the "Destroyed Beauty". Before you fanboy B!tched that character where too dull now that theres a story you find something else to B!tcha about.Sadly most of you don't own a 360.

I love this Commerical because it give you a glimpse into what the COGS go through. Knowning Death is certain go into this war they face together. They don;'t know whats behind that door and niether do we thats why we must play the game. I look at Dom in a whole new light ...

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1)Part 2 of a trilogy so why should it have a climatic ending if the story is not over?

2) Multiplayer is the real meat and bones of the game. Besides since none of u play the game yet whose to say the Middle might not be more climatic in advancing the story.

3)This game is only 6.7 GB's and nobody claimed that this game is short so that thats plus side.

4) 2 Man Co-op will definitetky make this game very good regardless.

5)People ju...

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The opening level is a bit "empty?"

I saw minimal combat.
Remember God of War 2. Now that was epic.

Pure Ignorances at it finest. Sometimes it don't make sense to comment on anything on this site but i will. I believe the wuestion that was asked was "Skip Training or Training?" So go head and take my bubbles like ya'll normally do. I be too busy playing a AAA game come Nov 7.

Wait up
Gears of War 2 is only 6.76GB...

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Capcom is in no position to make any remarks about anything regarding gaming with their lazy @sses. The saving Grace for capcom right now is RE. Xbox is'nt trying to make Lil ol arcade games the focal point of its system. Capcom need to learn how to implement better online gaming to their games. They gave Sony gave their own storefront on the PSN and now they want MS to do the same? Capcom has alway been about themselves and this is no different.

Funny thing about this site you guy...

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Tekken on 360? There goes my need to get a PS3 now.

Oh yeah Whenever everybody is willing to STFU and listen just keep in mind that After we've bought T6. T6:BR WILL, i repeat WILL be a download add on that will shaft us all in the end. After SC4 went multi you knew this was coming along.

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I doubt this will be better than Mario galaxy. IF i was PS# own i would not be in a rush to play this game knowing that a Gears of War 2 or Resistance is around the corner somewhere. MAybe i did'nt read up on the game enough to know the premise of the story but just by looking at it in Beta is looks boring. Take My Bubbles, Ban me or do whateva ya'll do to people around here but this is not the game i know the PS3 dies hards want. At best its a good alternative title to have after you bought ...

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Little BigPlanet is still not the game PS3 needs at this time to save this machine. As far as Xbox goes if this game is being highly touted as a savior why is'nt being released to a Blu-Ray Disc? This Games was never intended to be for Micorsoft system so bringing up a point about Xbox live is Moot right about now.This game still has'nt showe that it can match the immersiveness of Mario Galaxy since its gain all of this press about killing Xbox and its live service. This game is a platform ga...

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To get a good arcade conversion with a nice online mode would be great. Then to round ot the year a announcement of a KI3 would be the shiznit.

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Crty that NG was too hard so what did you think Itagaki was going to do? Mak the game easier and in that regards it became moreof a action game.To just label it a hack & slash is pure idiocy.Thank the people who complain that games are to hard. For this every sequel to a video game with get this kinda of treatment. You fuking Lesser Ninjas.

I can imagine how easy God of War 3 will be along with Gears of War 2.

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This sh!t should've been in the Blu-Ray Movie Bin. AS Much as i love it it a Movie more than anything.

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Kaz is where he is at now in the Sony camp. In battle all is fair and im taking exclusives if it mean more funds for my company.

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I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. This is a Bootleg version of Ninja Gaiden's Hurricane Packs 1 thru 3. Most of the time these arent even new missions but Mini games. Shame on Microsoft for this bullsh!t. I hope its worth it.

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G4 shows everything but video games lately.
But anyway i'm quite sure he's a fanboy now. IF he was'nt he would have told his mother to cop it for him so he could be in gaming heaven with both systems.I'm quite sure she getting paid for the journalism work. Who ever appove this need their @ss whupped.

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They covered all grounds period end of discussion.
They acquired a FF title, Show some footage of the new Gears, Show the First playable Demo of RE:5,Had the titles from a Company Nintendo wish they still had (Rare), The Then went on to take Sony Home and Smash on it with a simple fall update. For all of ou who said Microsft was dead after Halo or Gears 2 i feel sorry for you.

I even try to watch the Sony press conference and fell asleep on that garbage.

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