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I know I like the game. It grew on me as the game progressed. Not my fav game ever but I've really enjoyed it. I'll update my PS4 copy to the PS5 since it's inexpensive and play again. It is true that some people dump on a game they have never really played. But hey that's the internet sometimes for ya. To each their own....

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Sony had an excellent show. As they say "always leave them wanting more". Sony's numbers including attach rate speak for themselves. Frankly, my highlight which was unexpected was the KOTR Remake.

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No need to pay for a simulation when you can come to my place and cut for free. :-)

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I also snagged one from Gamestop. The key was I had to be a premium member for GS. So $20 for some membership. Then a week later they had a drop for premium members. I also snagged a second console at the same time and sold to a friend for cost. It seems I am getting more frequent stock alerts from the app. Perhaps supply is getting better now.

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I am loving this game right now. Taking down a horde is so much fun. I've played less enjoyable games which received better review scores than this. Perhaps one day Sony will revive the title with a sequel.

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At the end of the day, just make high quality games. That's all that will matter to consumers. Loyalty is fickle if you turn out poor quality. Just look at CDPR...

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I suppose at this point I'd rather they devote the resources towards Dragon Age 4 or the next Mass Effect.

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Agreed, this will take months. Personally, I will re-visit the game at a later date for a proper play-through. I do boot it up to check out the current patch improvements.

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Great they fixed issues. But I do find it odd that "critical gameplay bugs" either didn't get picked up by their QA or fixed before Gold master was cut. But at least they are fixed for day 1 release. I also have confidence in CDPR.

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I'll surely be playing the game. I still do expect it to have some technical bugs. But I fully expect to put well over 100+ hours into it.. I am seeing some other very good reviews. Reviews are clearly subjective though. Who knows the motivation of experience of the reviewer. I tend not to put much value on reviews from such sites. But to each their own.

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I think it is also Hollywood trying to attach themselves to video gaming. As Hollywood revenue and relevance shrinks they are wanting to move themselves to areas which are increasingly becoming relevant (money wise at least). But frankly I have no need for hollywood celebs infecting video gaming by and large.

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At this point I am thinking PS5 as soon as I can get hold of one and for any MS exclusives which look worth playing in the future I will use my PC. I had a promotional Gamepass sub this past year but it ends in January and I won't bother renewing it right away. If other people use their platform and services alot then great. Just doesn't hold enough appeal for me.

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I respect your choice and reasons but for me it will be PS5 first. I owned both a PS4 Pro and X1x this generation. In retrospect I probably could have forgone the X1x. I may just stick with a PS5 and my PC this new generation. Seeing as I have not tried the new DualSense controller I will reserve judgement on that but initial indications seem very promising for Sony.

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Some people with some serious psychological issues going on that they would threaten anyone over a video game.

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I am sure Sony has data showing how customers connected audio. The cost / benefit for including an optical audio port is not there as so few people use it. I have no problem moving no to the dual sense controller. As much as I think the DS4 controller was very good I'd prefer to use a controller with new features. Is the console perfect? Of course not. But I know I will buy one as soon as I can get my hands on one.

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Well we know it must be >1 as it says "pre-orders".

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That thing is so ugly it is beautiful. Comes with grease absorption built in I hope.

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Yes, Competition is good for all consumers. For me, I will buy a PS5 as soon as I can get hold of one. I owned a X1x but will likely just use my pc to play future XB exclusives which look entertaining. I am happy for XB owners. Maybe they will have some good years ahead. At the same time I fully expect nearly all of my PS4 friends will be joining me on PS5.

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Sadly, I could not secure a PS5 pre-order. But I'll get a PS5 asap. Going to be a great upgrade from my PS4 Pro. All my friends in gaming are also ordering PS5. So the party will roll on.

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I am very much looking forward to playing this game. I watched a few twitch streams to see it in action. So far it looks as if will do a fine job of living up to the legacy of Baldur's Gate titles. Larian Studios was a find choice for developing this game.

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