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"Finally, we can put this war over Battlefeld 3′s console visuals to bed."

What war? You need 2 sides to have a war and only the sony fanboy side were the ones yapping. 360 owners are smarter than that. They knew what the final outcome was going to be. They just sat their looking cool and smiling while the ps3 side was jumping and yelling "Niener niener niener!"

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Gameinformer is one of the most respected gaming mags around. Strict and unbiased reviews. While other no name sites/blogs/fanboy sites are quick to give this game a perfect score, you can really tell the difference between this well written review over the other juvenile OMG TEH BEST GAME EVA!

Kudos to Gameinformer! Keep up the great job.

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And finally the braid dead finally starts to realize what I been saying for a long time. The playstation brand just lost it's swagger and dominance of previous gens.

The ps3 and its numerous failed promises just ended up being nothing but hype. Home? Gt5? MAG? Move?

But we can safely say that the Ps1 Dominated, the Ps2 completely DOMINATED, and the ps3 completely failed. Better luck next gen.

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Horrible article. I can guarantee that MW3 will outsell, B3, R3, KZ3, MAG, SOCOM, and every other shooter on the ps3 combined.

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Don't mind him. Anything bad about a Sony product and it's instant bash mode.

Let's be real here. Resistance's multiplayer has never been one of the big boys. Just another average shooter in a already crowded genre of average shooters.

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Sucks for you 360 guys, and ps3 owners as well who will probably be playing the inferior version of all 3...

...cuz I'm getting this monster on my brand spanking beast of a gaming rig. ;)

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Well of course. It's the biggest exclusive this year. No question.

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Master Chief is a soldier of war. Created for the one purpose to save the human race. Emotions and personality are erased from his mind at an early age. Personality is a weakness.

Solid snake has a personality of a cartoon character.

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Nice intelligent article. What people don't understand here is that Sony used to be the best in everything they touched. The ps1 and Ps2 dominated, the walkman, their tv's, etc... Sony was the way to go.

But now they're mostly mediocre to good. Their tv's rank in the middle of the pack, the ps3 is in dead last, their cell phones sucks, their mp3 players also suck.

Sony has definitely lost its excellence.

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Will still be picking this up... not for the multiplayer, but for the single player. The COD single player experience has been top notch movie blockbuster worthy. Some of the best levels I have ever played in a game.

But my mutliplayer gaming will be going to BF3.

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First Fable I will not be buying.

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Blame it on Elmer Fudd running around with that shotgun. Shooting innocent ducks and wabbits with no remorse.

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Modding the D Pad for the 360 takes about 10 minutes. It's an easy fix dude.

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And the tears keep a flowing. LMAO!

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You 2 should be at her funeral and bring that joke up. You'll be on the floor picking up your teeth.

Disgusting people on here I tell you.

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That's about the dumbest post I have ever seen here. Maybe, just maybe, people don't buy KZ because they prefer COD. Maybe people just think KZ sucks! Maybe people prefer a multiplayer experience and not a linear single player game like Uncharted. Just maybe, your ps3 exclusives aren't that great.

Get your head out of the sand dude.

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I get called a fanboy, not sure why :/

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I would of preferred a remake on the next Xbox with graphics not yet seen. Only because I expect the game to look similar to Halo 3 and Reach. Would of loved to see the level where you discover the Flood in next gen graphics.

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LOL! Sony wishes they had a stellar FPS this generation. All their FPS's average 8's and 7's. Sony doesn't have a Halo killer. Only COD is as popular as Halo but even the mighty COD can't beat Halo in overall players. 1.4 million players last night on Halo Reach. That's impressive numbers for an old game. The most popular FPS on the ps3 is COD while the 360 has both COD and Halo.

And now quality...

Halo 3: 94%
Halo Rea...

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Once the new Xbox comes out, the 360 will probably have a significant price reduction making it the next ps2. The ps3 will still be dead last.

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