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Thank god i stop paying for live last year and got ps plus instead. thing will carry over at least. But i assume that access to netflix, hulu and other media content will not require plus, right?

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Good show all around. They show a ton of games. Price a bit too high. Considering that i wont use any of that TV stuff, i dont live in the US. But looking forward to titanfall, insomniac Game, Ryse. And that thing about the cloud has me worried a lot.

Sony better step up and bring a good show

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God everytime they said the cloud I cry. My internet connection is not that good. And sometimes I take my console weekends to other places and sometimes we dont have internet. *Sigh* it is what it is i guess

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hhmmm....i wonder about pricing. since we will be buying both pieces of hardware now.

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Ill wait for E3. But ill probably get both as I did with this generation. But if I have to pick one as the first buy....will be PS4. I think its waaaay more focus on games. but again...E3 will know the real deal

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wow. Nicely put. you made me sit back and think about that. Kind of sad.

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Thank god! im quite happy for this. Its all about the games now! I really really dont care about hardware numbers.

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thank god! Everyone play that freaking game! I mean, i enjoy swat dont get me wrong. But sometimes i just want a normal team slayer game. Yesterday, i play like 12 matches and 10 were the swat type. I went to objective base to play something different.

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Oh my god! Online still free!! that what matters! i you dont want PSN+. Dont Get it! simple as that. I have not renew xbox live since 2008. I cant use netflix since i am not in the US. And i dont care for social things like facebook, twitter and all that crap. Comparing Xbox live to PSN+ doesnt make any sense imo.

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Yes, but i think it will sell well. It gots lots of appeal toward the casual market. And thats where the money is these days.

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Great Deal, the only problem i got is the data transfer to the other HD. I heard it was 20 bucks the cable?? That's my main issue. Correct me if im wrong

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Sony did a lot of announcement. All the games in PRE-E3 and the games they announce in the keynote. I does not bother me much a few miss games.

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For me
1. Nintendo
2. Sony
3. MS

And Nintendo and Sony are kind of tied, but i gave nintendo the first place because of better pace.

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Thats was a great conference!!!! Sony better bring their A game. This was by faaaar better than MS. Nintendo really surprised me. Great Job!

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Of course that disc is going to get damage! This is pointless.

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As long as playing MP is still free. Does not matter for me.

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Yea what about the power brick

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wthouth a hd is almost useless!

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You know, i think it will be huge. It will sell a lot. The casual market is bigger, richer than the hardcore.

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