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I lost my saddlebag! It carried like 230 I think and I installed the patch on ps4 and its gone and dropped to 160. I don't know how to get it back or where to get it again

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I chose ps4 for better games and better overall performance in graphic capabilities, now personally I choose gameplay over graphics, but knowing it was the more powerful of the two, it was a no brainier the console industry was going to change when developers started focusing their new games based on ps4s more powerful hardware. They picked Xbox 360 over PS3 and now the tides are turned.

Honestly it just baffles me how you can create a next gen system for the next 10 years an...

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Would be a tragic thing if they did, basically a $65 advanced warfare DLC it would be.

Besides whats the point of the treyarchy and infanty ward breaking into two factions to spread the series of MW and BO if they copy each other in exact gameplay?

thats just stupid and pointless.

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"this gun is to op!, nerf this nerf that!" you kids that come over from cod are really annoying and need to stay on COD and dont come over to battlefield and turn our game into a kid fest community.

im tired of developers listening to these whiners who ruin the game. certain guns are MEANT TO BE OP!!! get over it, thats real life, whats the point of adding variety of guns if they all are exactly the same? get over it.

besides a gun is as only as goo...

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screw exos, its not cod period. hopefully its false, otherwise seriously not buying it, because if it has exos, its basically a carbon copy of advanced warfare which is crap of a game that you are paying all over again despite some cosmetic and few changes, the gameplay will be exactly the same, so no thanks for a $64 add-on dlc from advanced warfare.

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This was possibly the most bias and bs political based review I ever read on a game...congrats , perhaps you should go into political blogging instead of the gaming blog world. Absolutely disgusting trying to incorporate the two into one. Relax and chill.

Talk about propaganda...when you're trying to aid people's views on a game for your own political views rather than based on pure gameplay. What a joke.

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Gameplay is awesome, having a blast, everything runs so smooth and crisp in multiplayer. I'd call it a big success considering many games are launching with issues, none for hardline though.

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No one cares about bias and propaganda "reviews" anymore because there are no more legit reviews. Heck it was admitted few weeks ago some reviewers lie on scores just to create a buzz.

When in fact they just lose all credibilty and respect as a writer and reviewer when people just want an honest opinion, not read junk reviews that are filled with lies.

Also the order 1886 is laughing all the way to the bank, they sold well and a part two is already ...

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You kids care way too much about silly review scores. Get a mind of your own.

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This article isvtrash, ss others said, game runsvsmooth and great on consoles, im having a blast with it on ps4. Maybe pc's arent so great as people think anymore for gaming as thebnew generation of power is out that devs focus and optimize for more than pc. Give it up.

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And they call fox news bad... Cnn is the worse always hiding facts and maniuplating crap. Bunch of politically correct liberal crybabies.

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Get used to it, its part of being a gamer. Were not entitled to anything.

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People who NEVER played this game dont deserve to have an opnion on it, you're clearly some driveclub hater or ps4 hater, so your opinions are irrelevemt.

How many games are broken these days anyway? Yall act like dc is the only one, at least dc made attempts and continues to do so on supporting the game. How many can that be said about devs on other games...not much.

Get used to it, we live in a era of rushed games becus of sony AND microsoft wanting mon...

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Last of us = 2014 goty. No need to say more. Have a solid story with good gameplay and graphics then no need for multiplayer. This isnt the stone age of gaming anymore, you can still experience playing along side friends in a party chat and share each others thoughts and give help, so its not like great campaign games keep you isolated.

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if you're going to buy a game on first release date and sold on it then whats the point of not pre ordering? it cost nothing extra and you get a little something free, so i dont see the problem with pre ordering, frankly it makes more sense to do so if you plan to buy a game anyway.

some of us have our own opinions and dont read the bias and crap review scores websites like ign and gamespot do anyway...

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Annon doesntsupport corporations and they arent supporting sony here either, they are supporting the CONSUMERS . Anything that hurts the people they defend,thats what makes a real vigilante group, not lizard squad who just hurt anyone for laughs, they have no real goals are missions like annonymous does.

Also not anyone can be annon member, they really do have diff leaders in diff sectors and of course you must follow there rules of moral conduct and never hurt the people whi...

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EA is not THAT bad honestly, they are making a turn around ever since they were voted worst business practices last year.

also considering I can SharePlay both EA's Madden 15 and UFC with friends, is pretty damn cool. Also all of UFC's DLC has been free up to this point, we got 3 dlc packs so far free of charge by EA.

So EA is deff trying to change, and AT LEAST they provide dedicated aervers to Battlefield 4 which has also improved greatly with the p...

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no offense to anyone who likes forza, this is just my opinion from the TV commercial, but the graphics look weird to me like almost cartoony, the cars and stuff are to bright , something is not right with the graphics.

whereas if you look at the graphics of driveclub, or better yet project cars (which beats both) the graphics just look more real and sharp and less cartoony.

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You kids who liked this trailer saying it 'looks cool" are the same kids who have contributed to CODs downfall in gameplay the past few years. I hate COD fanboys like you.

Don't get me wrong you're all entitled to your opinion but you're also the first to complain about the game as well and regret buying it, well that's YOUR fault for being sucked into a trailer that's main purpose is to deceive the customer to look good and bait and catch you, i...

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lmao glitch or not, its hilarious out of every game and game developers in the game store , the glitch happened to EA. I think if it were any other developer we would say deff a glitch hands down. But since it happened to EA it made us double think , just goes to show how shitty EA business practices really are.

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