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Underworld...good luck on building a $299.99 gaming PC, don't think you will be able to play MineCraft with those specs.

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I am just waiting for a black one.

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Frosty how the hell are you going to compare XB1 S with 1.5 teraflops to the Neo with 4.5 teraflops?

Seriously the double standard on this site is unbelievable.

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This is why Sony needs to get PSVR demos out in game stores and Walmart so people can try it before they buy it...this way they will know if VR is for them.

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Once you go black...

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Consoleception...a console within a console :)

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Smooth Ninja - Does that mean we have to put up with a year of these articles until the Scorpio is released 0_o

God please make the Neo as powerful or more powerful than the Scorpio... I really want this insecurity to stop and make everything normal again, if the PS fans feel happy when they have more power then give it to them.

Xavy are you OK?

I am sorry that your feelings were hurt and you now feel anger but its not fair to games lik...

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I just said the same thing.

Its a shame that Scorpio is talk of the town because other great things that were announced at E3 are being over shadowed by some many Scorpio MS articles.

I mean the hot page always has one or two Scorpio articles....its enough to drive a man crazy!!!!!!!

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Nah just think that R* has so much money that they dont need anymore.

I mean all they have to do is release a an new gun in GTA V and it will sells millions.

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And it seems like its working... Since everyone here is always saying can't wait to play it on PC.

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