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Wouldn’t work well as a TPS. The soundtrack and the ambiance were supposed to invoke the 3D surreal diorama that this game was because of the swooping pans and other camera angles that made the game feel like this and not a generic OTS shooter.

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Well, was hoping this was going for a more Code Veronica type vibe but it looks like it’s just going to be RE7-2🤦🏾‍♀️ 9318;🏽🤦🏻 ;‍♂️ At least we still have RE4 remake to look forward to..

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I can't wait to see the new Powerstone. They need to re-release the first two with online play and 4 player support for P.S.1 as well. That would probably take a good chunk of the smash bro's audience that's bored/tired of the 2D nature of the smash games

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Still havent had a 3D brawler as fun since!

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You know how much “SSD” Space is wasted by actually going outside and playing basketball? 0kb and the graphics man let me tell ya, you can almost FEEL the ball in your hand 🏀🤚🏼(If you’re not like me and don’t suck at dribbling)

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Oh I feel you'll see him a LOT in the campaign. And with an even less enthused expression on his face.

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Halo Infinite..... stream of updates and patches..

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I'm sorry but the new model for Claire is garbage. She looks anorexic and the face looks like if Julia Stiles did RE cosplay. They should have made the RE2 remake Claire look like how the Claire model looked in the Opening CG cutscene of CV where she's running from the Helicopter, THAT would have looked way cooler than the downright ugly RE2 remake Claire. Leon looked great, don't know why they did Claire so dirty like that when they could have kept her looking THICC AND beautiful...

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Still feels it to me. While a new graphical upgrade would be cool, most games today are still using that "15 year old" formula..

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Why obvious? That one still seems pretty fresh. What do you want next? an RE5 remake? That game is only 1 gen old..

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You really have to conserve your supplies in this one which is part of the reason I love it so much. Same thing happened to me but once you save up enough ammo to beat the plane Tyrant the rest of the game is really worth it.

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I am going to go out on a limb and say this is one the first RE's that was so next-gen for it's time that it doesnt need a remake. But capcom being Capcom, they'll try to rush out a remake that
1. Makes all the characters look like anorexic wax porcelain dolls
2. Removes all the atmosphere of the original's dynamic camera pans with a boring over the shoulder view.
3. Completely removes some of the best segments of the game.
To me Claire Red...

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Why call it CVX if it was just called "Code Veronica" when it launched on Dreamcast?

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And they say Millenials are lazy 🙄

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More Kiddy games! Awesome for their 10-12 yr old audience. But wheres the updated Nintendo properties for the Majority of Nintendo fans, most of which are like what 28-38 yr olds. ? I love Nintendo as much as the next guy but they have to step up their shi* in the next generation. To think a Gamecube tech demo from 1999 looks better than their *current* generation mainline Zelda title🤦🏻‍♂️ And No ...Twilight Princess did not look as realistic as THIS 848d ago 3 agree1 disagreeView comment

Honestly it costing 600$ wouldnt bother me if they showed the PS5 running something like the Killzone 2006 E3 demo but in real time. I still have not seen animation get that far in a videogame but I think PS5 should be able to meet or even surpass that. Dont mind loading times if the games are truly next level and not just uprezzed versions of current games

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He got it on sale on black friday for 300$. Not sure of the normal MSRP but the Switch couldnt even be had for 300 flat on black friday so ....yeah..

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Agreed, but also on your other comment, Switch doesnt have anywhere NEAR the quality of first party titles that xbone and PS4 have so to call the Switch a portable one of those is just misguided bro im sorry😂🤦 maybeee you could get away with calling it a portable 360/PS3? But we already played all those game anyway my guy 🤷🏻‍♂️

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8gb ram and an 8th gen I5. Think he got it on sale tho for black friday.

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