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I really like the anime. Hopefully the game turn out to be as good as the anime.

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I agree with you, that's exactly how I feel after playing the Shadow Full.
To me, the game itself is still the best looking game on the PS4. Everything else is just like you said, superb. However, when it comes to the store of Shadow Full some part feel disconnected. In my opinion, Killzone 2&3 had better script than the Shadow Full. That being said, I'm still looking forward to the next Killzone game, and I hope to see The next Resistance game as...

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I know it is too early and it might not happen ever! But with the 3DS doing so well and the NEW 3DS came out in Japan and coming out in the NA in two weeks. I begin to hope that Sony would come out a "Next Gen" handheld system, and I don't mean a new model of Vita, I want something New and different.

I know it'd upset some people who already own PSP or Vita if Sony gave up on them, but I also think that in two, three years, when the New 3DS is no longer &q...

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Lol that's exactly my thought when I saw the video.

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Like many of you stated above, I think it is a slap in the face. They probably think all RPG fans are dumb, that we'd just buy it because it has SE and FF' name on it.

As we all know, SE is no longer the company we know and loved. They focus has shift from making quality games to how to milk the series and make money anyway they can. The game is already available to download on PSN and I've purchased it too. Why would anyone else spend money on the game again? I&...

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Personally, I think drop PS4 to $349.99 would help the sales for the holiday season and able to compete with MS.

However, PS4 is only one year old. If Sony would drop the price now, can you image the price for both consoles will be in the next few years in order to win the console war. They would have the come out a cheaper model to lower the cost like the "new" PS3 slime.

That being said, I think not to do anything is the better choice if Sony want...

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Agree, and I hope there will be more than just hostages rescue Mode.

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MS has been advertising 3rd party games like it's their own 1st party exclusive. The best example is the Call of Duty series.

Now with Destiny, probably will be one of the biggest and best selling titls on PS4 and Xbox One for a long time, coming soon and they can't really do what they did with CoD? Of course they have to come out with something, so people would know the game is on Xbox one too. They don't want Sony have all the spotlight and the attention.

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So is ok to have tv shows that glorify gangs, pregnant teens, but it's not ok to have a conversation wih a girl that is not even real, in the video game?

Whoever complains, I think you have too much free time, why don't you go save the world then.

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That number will continue to increase when Destiny and the PS4 Bundle come out in September.

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@ DiscoKid. How is this childish? At least he is doing something for himself and other fans who like the Naruto series manga and/or video game but would prefer it in a different genre. Compare to someone only whine about it but never do anything, he is much better.

@ Moncole Read the whole thing before you make comment about it.

"As one person pointed out, this is going to cost far more than $150,000 to make. I am hoping you will donate far more than the...

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I think we need to focus more on the game play than the frame rate or the graphics.
Because ever since CoD MW2, the series is going downhill. Is pretty much the same $hit over and over again. I play CoD MW and MW2 because both games were fun to me, two of the best shooters ever(CoD MW and Rainbow Six are my top two) I played them because they were fun to play, then I only play it because It was fun to play with friends. Now, I no longer care about it even if some of my friends are st...

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Look, both side have indie games, their own franchise like Uncharted, LBP, inFamous, Halo, Fable, Crackdown, and both sides have new IPs. However, Sony has more new IPs, more indie games and more exclusives on PS4 than the XBox1 and that's the fact.

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Sony not only shows the muti-platform like Far Cry 4, Batman, Mortal Kombat, they also have their own AAA like Order1886, The Last of Us, Uncharted 4. On top of all these games, they also show new IPs. Compare to what MS has shown, muti-platform, and their own first party games. I like Sony's line-up better.

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Rainbow Six, Order 1886, Uncharted 4, Last of Us remake, Far Cry 4, Destiny, those are the games I care, want to play and own. Didn't really care about anything else. I even pre-order the Destiny PS4 bundle.

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Of all the PS4 games I have play so far. First party games like Killzone and inFamous are the two best looking games.

That makes want to see what Uncharted looks like.

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To be fair, it does look better than the Ghost.
But then again, it is a CoD game. So I think we all know what to expect.

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I agree with you, I think their pricing is one major issue. Especially when you walk in to say..Bestbuy and you look at HDTV or Home theater system. Sony's product usually cost higher than Samsung, LG and other brands.

For someone like me, as much as I love the Sony brand, I just couldn't justified/or afford to spend extra hundred dollars when I could get something else similar with cheaper price.

I hope they could learn f...

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@CrashJones Thanks! I hope you guys doing well in the AL west too.

I still remember watching Dennis Eckersley, Ricky Henderson play on TV. But my favorite players from A's were Eric Chávez and Tim Hudson.

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Agree, also can't wait for the baseball season to start! Let's go Mets!!

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