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if anyone knows the name of this song, let me know. I want to DL it for the custom soundtrack for the MP of this game.

Headshots to Opera.

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for an entire 2 minute section of air time during the superbowl. I love the music.

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seriously missing out. I do understand that time constraint though. I would love to get Pacific Rift but can't due to LBP and FROM2 taking up all my time.

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it's just that the PS3 is actually gaining in popularity. This place wasn't all PS3 supporters several years back. Actually it was quite the the opposite. It's not like PS3 supporters just learned how to use the internet and switched on to "infest" as you put it.

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for reviews, maybe you should take the time to check out the previews from those sites. It's going to take you a lot of time to find a negative one.

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Anyone else think that sounds like the recipe for a porn movie.

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Firstly, we're another year for FFXIII. Secondly, Versus is after that. Lastly, even if it was PS3 exclusive, after the bomb that was the E3 dropped exclusivity announcement, I wouldn't trust this out of SE's mouth until a year after release.

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but it has more polish. And no ... I'm not worried. I want to be surprised.

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Heh ... the GF and I are gonna play it tonight.

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I wouldn't go that far at all. RFOM 2 looks amazing as well. That being said, I'm glad this game gets even more polish and am more than happy to play RFOM2 and LBP until KZ2 comes out.

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favorite PC button masher ever. I'm even upgrading my PC because of it. I don't care about the colors.

I might not care right now because of the recent Manny Ramirez trade to the Dodgers. Go Blue!

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are the reason I hate this site.

Gears looks better in small areas. RFOM2 is on a much larger scale. Both games look great. Both games have been given props from the critics for their attributes. This includes both of the MP components of the games. Neither game is remotely the same. Ones a FPS and ones a TPS. By nature they're going to look and play different.

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So wait, if we're in a race and I give you a one year head start. I then promptly catch up and beat you at the end of the track. I'm supposed to feel like that's less of a victory?

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If the ISP's want to gouge for such performance hikes, they will.

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because Nintendo is raking in the cash from a completely different demographic now. The Wii is making gaming mainstream. The masses are eating it up. Why would they want to re-focus their system on the hardcores? Right now, the Wii is on its own so to speak. All while the PS3 and 360 are battling it out over a totally different demographic. I've seen and talked to SOOOOOO many people that are 45/50+ that LOVE the Wii. Those people don't care about games like KZ2 or Gears. In short, they've cr...

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I could have sworn to God that Konami talked about trophy support some months before the release of MGS4.

(some months might be like more than 2 or 3 or 4 ...)

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both. I want MGS4 trophies sooo bad too.

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the next gen graphics will be something Nintendo focuses on for their next console? That would be catering to the hardcore gamer. They're not interested in the hardcore gamer as much. Look at E3 for proof. Nintendo will do what they did this gen. Come out with a similar console, up the graphic a little bit and keep the price low. All the while coming out with games like Wii Fit and such to sell to grandmas and the like.

If, by some act of God, Nintendo does come out with a syst...

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is free and, the MP looks to be freaking AWESOME, I don't know why BOTS are all that important either.

Plus ... petitions are lame. They aren't going to get anything accomplished other than making themselves look lame.

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game this gen. Mirror's Edge will be my first temptation. I think Gabe is a douche, but I would still buy a game from Valve if done right.

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