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If only Microsoft would save all that money and use it to make games

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Lmfao blimp porn lol,but there is so much to do so many ideas just crazy stuff rolling thru my head, that is why it takes me months to finish GTA I just star doing stupid things

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Sucks for the people that are having problems, also you can land the blimp on top of the blimp in midair lol

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Whoever complains about Quiet is probably still a virgin lol

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I am still amazed at how good it looks on PS3 but just thinking about how good it will look on PS4 0.0 but still if they don't make it I can't wait for the next gen GTA, I always loved GTA and how is the only game that I always start the story and get side tracked doing stupid stuff and taking months just to finish the game lol and GTA V has so much :-)

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I am loving this game it plays and looks beautiful and its KZ, but seriously I wish we will see more games like this on the vita :-)

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I swear some people, calling POLYPHONY DIGITAL lazy ass devs. LMFAO GTFOH boo hoo hoo wah wah wah oh no a patch that will make the game better, how dare yamauchi and polyphony digital do this to us, that's it I had enough of GT I am going to buy an Xbox one and forza 5 so I can finally play "the real arcade simulator" LMFAO

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Yeah but when it comes out on Japan it will have games that caters to them if they were to release it in November it would probably sell very poorly and make them look bad and N4G will explode lol

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Yay I can't wait for all those exclusive tv shows so I can play them? Oh wait WTF

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Oh common GTFOH excuse my language but to sit there and say that there is nothing sexy about cortana, common, Ill hit that in a second lol. She shows more skin than QUIET does.

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I loved GTA but never liked San Andreas that much, I liked all the things you could do but didn't like the story that much, VICE CITY is still my favorite, I am hoping GTA V is like a mix of all the GTA's in one game :-) I can't wait for next week :-)

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I love GT but common

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I can't wait for PS4 but i am going to have a problem on picking which games to play and is mostly because of the ps3 there are still so many games coming out that I wan to play and I still have some games that I haven't even opened, wish I could just win the lotto so I could have more time to play

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It would be cool but I rather them take full advantage of the PS4 and I think GT7 would do that and like ABZDINE said they would probably do a prologue to hold us over till it comes out, and can't wait for GT6 it's also a good way of letting the PS3 go out with a bang.

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I just want KITT instead of Siri

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I understand but I think people are just taking it too far with hideo, but yeah i hate that they are westernizing a lot of games but I understand why they are doing it, they want to make money.

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De powwaaa uf de clooud, oh wait no this is the power of the PS4, can't wait to be playing this :-) too many games not enough time

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I can't wait to get behind the wheel of one of those 18 wheelers, I always had a thing for 18 wheelers. Loved that old truckin game from sega 18 wheeler so I can't wait to just drive one of those big rigs cross country.

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Maybe because it didn't look like a brick, I still have my day one ps3 phat and love the way it looks I don't really care about the size. I just think they should have came out with a better looking design and also to be able to stand it up. But I guess they are going more towards the look of those bulky home theater recievers since they are trying to focus more on entertainment than gaming.

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