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I swear I really don't understand what is all the hate, this game looks amazing. Am sure he is a pc gamer and he is going to say, I can't wait till it comes out on pc so I can play the way it was meant to be played. Because the consoles are so outdated etc and am sure they are going to say my comment is immature again

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Wow so my comment is immature, but I guess the other comments are not. That makes so much sense must have hurt the feelings of a pc gamer and I guess they are going to call this immature too I can't wait to get banned again lol. People have said worst things than me and they don't do anything about it

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I hope GTA V don't come out on pc so they can stop bashing on consoles

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I think ps4 will come out 2014, there is still a lot of games that are coming out next year. Plus I want the ps4 too have a lot of good games on launch like GT6, uncharted 4, killzone 4, resistance 4, god of war 4, lol look at all those 4 that would be awesome? Even if it comes out later than the next Xbox I hope it is more powerful and easier to make games than the ps3 was that way all ps3 games have an advantage over Xbox since Xbox seems to be going the way of kinect again.

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I can't wait cause I think gta5 is better than my girlfriend lol

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I liked Niko but I know what you mean, i think R pays attention to its fans so am sure they are going to do a good job with gta5 by the looks of it they are of to a good start

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I can't wait to play these game, the switch with the 3 characters is my favorite part I can see a lot of potential

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The only thing that has kept me from buying an Xbox is that in order to play online I have to pay and I really don't feel like I need to pay for that. I never had to, wether on ps3 or pc etc

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I actually kind of like it, reminds me of the old days but the only way ill buy it is if my first day phat dies on me. I hope it never does so many good memories, never tought it would get that small crazy technology nowadays.

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I hate pirates, I bought mortal kombat the other day from target and the guy that worked there said hey you know you can hack it and get all the games for free. I wanted to beat the crap out of him, I hate people that don't support the industry.

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My friend is a diehard resident evil fan and he is going to buy it no matter what just because he wants to see what happens in the story even if the game sucks

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Yeah that's what I love about the wii u I hope Sony does something like this with the next gran turismo with ps vita I like taking everything off in the screen but sometimes I mess up, so that's why I wish I would have all the information in my controller, can't wait for wii u

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I always hated split screen but it was always fun playing in with friends in the same room . But I like what Sony did with the 3d with multiplayer it's cool and its harder to cheat lol

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I need this game by the end of this year

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Noooooooooooooo GTA is my favorite game I was really hoping for it to come out this year, I love just to run around and do other things I take my time in the story mode it took me like six months to finish GTA 4, that's how much i mess around lol

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I think Sony is being smart about this, it is still business. I think after a couple of months they will drop the price to199 for the 12gb but people are still going to complain because they have to go buy a hdd so it will still be too expensive for them?

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So I guess in every game show Sony has to show new games? I swear people are never happy with Sony, out of the three sony is the only company that keeps giving us games after games.

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This is one of the reasons why I don't think we need the ps4 just yet. I can't wait to get this I love studio ghibli

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Yes it was, I still remember playing shenmue for the first time. Amazing

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Me and my friends keep asking if it's a good idea to have ps4 come out soon or have the ten year wait? I personally think that we need to wait by looking at how the industry is doing. I would love to have it now but i just think some companies can't afford to make that move just yet. I rather have more games instead of having a next gen system with little to nothing games. That's basically the PC market for me, i know pc gamers are going to hate me for this. But to me there is no...

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