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He shouldn't have to explain himself, if you don't like the game because of what the character is wearing then dont buy it. Go and play Mario brothers

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WTF is he talking about when cortana was naked and just has body paint on at least she's wearing clothes.

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WTF is wrong with people nowadays if you don't like it don't buy it its as simple as that. It's his character he can do whatever he wants, what's next let me guess they want snake to wear skinny jeans LMFAO

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LMFAO funny how you just mention the third party games and none of microsofts first party games lol i wonder why? none of those third party games can go toe to toe against any of sonys first party studio games, not even microsofts first party games could compete against sonys but yet you are saying that the 360 is more powerful than the ps3 because of third party games lol and you actually think that Microsoft gets first time dlc for free because company's just love Microsoft, They pay fo...

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Yes especially if you have PS+ I just wish they had PS2 download already I would love to play some PS2 games on the go.

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Damn iPhone sorry about the disagree

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$250 without the game it's a fair price for a console that doesn't even come with a HDD or bluray and i don't consider it a tablet it's just a controller with a screen that its very limited to what it can do compared to a tablet. I think if the wii-u had a HDD and if the controller could do remote play thru wifi it would be perfect.

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Wii-u should be $249, I would buy it in a heartbeat even if right now there is not that many games but for $350 no way. I know Nintendo will be back in shape soon once they release their first party games but I think the price drop will help them a lot right now.

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Im sorry but how is it the dumbest comment when it's based on facts, drive club it's arcade simulation and forza it's arcade simulation. "I'm sorry, but this has got to be the dumbest comment I've read in three years." Now thats the dumbest comment you have read.

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It means a 180 again watch

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If its all the casuals that will decide then how is the wii-u doing?

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Leave GT6 for PS3 and make GT7 to take full advantage of the PS4, let the PS3 go out with a bang

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I can't handle that. Knowing that I have the game on my ps3 but I can't play it for 21 days that just not right, I will probably go insane.

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Are Forza 5's physics better than Drive Club? 'probably not, haven't you seen how powerful the PS4 is? says Turn 10
That's how it should have been dont mention GT in arcade racing games

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I can't wait to see what ND, SM and the rest are working on for PS4 and I can't wait for TGS

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Is this game going to have a story mode?

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Let me give it a try Xbox 1 500+ gold 60+ Internet 50+ tv 1000+ game 60+ electricity 150+ house 1000+ furniture 1000+ etc LMFAO who cares just enjoy your system of choice mine will be ps4 :-)

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It's going to take me months to complete the story, probably a year because I always start doing other things. It took me like 5 months to finish gta4 because I was doing stunts with cars etc anything but the story lol, plus I don't have much time to play cause I have a family so I mostly play at night when they are all asleep.

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LMFAO you got him with that one, that made my day lol

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I loved gta 4 especially with the dlc but gta 5 its looking to be the best gta ever just from what has been shown, I can't wait to play it on my ps3 and I do hope they bring it to next gen even if its a year later I will still get it on the ps4

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