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This game really doesn't do a great job of explaining, I should have really clarified that in my review, but good luck with that. Thanks for commenting :)

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Sounds like another game to add to my endless list of games to play.

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I play on Xbox at two different locations, I have found that it plays great online at one place, and bad at another. It seems to me what matters is the internet connection behind it. I think it just suffers from really bad lag problems. But if you aren't lagging, it's a great time.

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The game is really about patience, if you try to kill an enemy too fast, you will probably die. Just observe when you have a chance to attack, then do it. You are going to have to take several beatings over and over to get through this one.

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Crash Team Racing, 2019 *Woahs intensely*

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Telltale shutting down, *cries*

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Rockstar, they only have one new game, but it is such a masterpiece that it deserves so much praise, they put an incredible amount of work into it and it came out so well, good job to Rockstar.

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Thank you Coolbeans, very cool!
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