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Once your PS Plus runs out you cant play the games you downloaded when you had the PS Plus. That's one of the downside to it

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Thanks for the post

now am getting it from amazon. Dont really need the pre-order pack even if i buy the pre-order pack it's still cheaper

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gameseek are doing fifa for £29.99

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For the past few weeks i have seen you always moan bla bla bla on if you dont like it dont post. As a true gamer i love all games on different consoles like dreamcast had shenmue etc. You are a true fan boy or girl.

Now on topic i think wii u will have some amazing games. I cant wait to try out pokemon with the new controller like how it was for the ds touch screen on the bottom and on the top screen thats what there trying to do hear

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The case looks very good but its a shame i cant get one since its for us only and am from uk damn it

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I have received my ps vita cradle today and just ordered a 32gb card from ebay for £69.99 since there are no uk,eu 32gb cards and no cradle for uk,eu. So yeah am getting one on day one just waiting for my screen protector to come now

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Funny thing is. I cancelled my pre order once with them and used my points with the order after i cancelled the order they did not give my points back. so i was not gonna have that messaged them and said bla bla etc then they gave it back now am gonna use it for this deal lol. any way the problem you have has not happened to me as i was all ways able to use my points with the pre order tho

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I am getting this deal since the one i had with shopto was for £228.85 that was a ps vita wifi version and uncharted from amazon for £30.40p. If u add this then from game i get the 4gb for about £2 or something like that cause am using my reward points. To get it from game for £261.48 total then just get a 32gb card rather then a 16gb while i wait for the 32gb card i will be using the 4gb its better like this. rather spending more for the card down the road. What you guys ...

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I am getting one on day one. At the moment there are so many bundles to pick from look at shopto or game. Game is giving a 4gb memory card plus a game with it for £269.98 thats wifi version and uncharted and the others are £259.98 all wifi models

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Well sony really did make a mistake. there games are mostly aimed at us eu,uk,us etc. They should have released it hear first rather then japan

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Am just gonna wait not to long to go. Plus will get the headphones 6 ar cards and £5 off games and 3 free ar games as well plus grantee. Even tho the wait is killing me lol

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Hopefully its not a port i have yakuza 1,2 on my ps2 and 3,4 on my ps3. Yakuza games are awesome its like shenmue

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This is the game am waiting for. Will be getting it day 1 when it comes out

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Damn his ps vita has so much dust on it. Should have cleaned it before taking pictures lol

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All it needs to do in my option is make the web browser better and make it play html 5 videos and down the road hopefully have flash as well apart from that its all good. Plus when a new gta comes out for this handheld its gonna be amazing cant wait

hear is a good review of the ps vita

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It all depends what kind of games you like. If you like mario,zelda etc get nintendo. If you like uncharted,gravity daze etc get ps vita or just get both of best world

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The way i see it is if you only save games and dont download any games apart from demos from psn then 4gb is enough but if your gonna put movies,demos,music,games etc then 16gb to 32gb is needed

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Same hear

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A very good review

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Ps vita uses the silk browser same as the kindle. I think sony needs to get a good web browser cause now a days even smart phones have a better browser then ps3 plus sony people said its a upgraded version of the psp browser. i know its a handheld gaming console but come on sony

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