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"Demo is pure class; money is down."

I am going to start using this phrase all the damn time.

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There are no ads on the site. So, you know, obviously did not read.

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I understand them plenty, my argument is that it needs to evolve and grow up, because we are not a bunch of kids infront of a PS1 anymore.

All the MGS titles are pretty stupid in my eyes and that is pretty consistent, but Kojima is on record as saying he wants them to evolve, get gritty and real. Rehashing old mechanics in the dumbest way possible is not evolving.

The article really has nothing to do with political correctness at all either. It's about a ...

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It's fairly obvious that the last few posters didn't read the article because it has nothing to do with being a feminist or women's issues. As a matter of fact all it does is references the inevitable conversations that will take place in that regard, of which this is not one of them. The title is purposely misleading to illustrate that point.

The article is standing up for you guys not to be condescended to or talked down at, though it seems hard to express that ...

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1 - It's Archaic for 2014, for an audience that will be playing it in the present. Yes it's a period piece, but it does not remove the stupidity from it. You can make a grown up game with grown up mechanics that do not treat the player like a child regardless of the time setting.

2 - Kojima has been publicly saying that the storytelling would be grittier and more real. It's the reason he game as to why he treats a rape victim as an object to develop one of the mal...

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Just because it is his vision does not mean it is not incredibly stupid. I think you could excuse it in the past because of technological limitations, but at this point there is no excuse.

If truly this is his vision, then I just think his vision is super dumb.

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Just FYI, you shouldn't use the first person (we) in the blurb. Mods usually kick stuff back for that.

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Good to see you guys coming to the dark side (N4G).

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Thanks. We've managed to not miss a single week.

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Thanks. We updated the article, but haven't been able to verify that the XP is actually being awarded.

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Frankly, that's terrifying.

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Translated from Polish. Kind of rough.

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If it teeters between satire and exploitation, did it succeed at either?

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If by "secrets revealed" you mean lots of speculation without much evidence, then sure.

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If this is how they're celebrating, someone needs to tach Konami how to party.

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