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I liked the shorter TTK. Going back to other games with longer TTK's after how much time I put into the beta felt a bit weird. To each his own, I guess.

I just hope I don't end of flip flopping on the game after all is said and done with whatever changes they make.

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I mean, the words that thing censored were super weird. This actually makes more sense to me than an actual human being saying "we need to ban the word "White Man!""

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I never understood why people loved BC2 so much. At the time all of the long time battlefield fans I know (including me) always felt it felt "consolized" at the time with the low player count and generally uninteresting conquest layouts. Not to mention no going prone. There good things about it, sure. I enjoyed it at the time, but it felt like a stepping stone to get to 3 and 4

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Okay, but gamers should really ease up over this topic as graphics are always bound to shift and change as a game is worked on and optimized. of course companies will put their best foot forward, but sometimes reality sits in over time. People kept yelling about why they wren't allowed to see the Cyberpunk footage when the press got their first view, and this exact"they lied and betrayed us" mentality is exactly why. The press knows how to temper expectations, the general public...

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It's WWII man. There aren't a lot of weapon attachments and rail systems at this time in history. I was just happy to be able to get a reflex sight on my guns given the general availability of the era.

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But isn't this exactly what all the haters wanted? Honestly, I'm disappointed they are caving. I hope they don't end up sucking the personality out of the game.

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Well it gets tougher when you factor in also having to keep the shareholders and business partners happy as well. Sadly, they fumbled real hard on that one with SWBF2

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Hey, if it's not what you want, that's totally fair. I'll take that answer over a lot of the "YOU NEVER LISTEN, RAAAAWR!"

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At the end of the day the designers need to pick a vision and go for it, and the players seem to always think their idea is always the best, but if you sit down and talk to people who create games you tend to get a better perspective on how the masses often only think they know what they want and have all the answers, but in reality it's rarely that simple and throwing in changes can be costly and detrimental to the overall development in various ways.

I honestly think ...

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I dunno, looks like fun to me. Keeping in mind I've been a pretty devoted fan since the original. If they just delivered a standard WWII experience at this point, I don't think I would have been as interested. Not that it would have stopped me from at least giving the game a shot. I've mostly really only heard complaining online. Most of the people I know in person are either pretty excited for it, or have been holding to a general "fuck EA everything" train for years no...

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How has the communication been abysmal? Honestly, It feels fairly similar to any other release of this nature to me.

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Man, you guys must be fun at parties. Honestly, N4G is the last place I want to deep dive on all of this, but most of the non binary folk I know just want to live their lives and would appreciate the occasional bit of representation. It doesn't have to make complete sense to you to not be an asshole and live and let live. I don't agree with every bit of it, but I also have zero reason to go screetching about it. Most of them are just people, and if your ego is so fragile that includin...

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As someone who has a couple friends who identify that way, why would you care if they do?

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Are you trying to say sniping on PC is harder because of more precise controls? I would argue the opposite there friend.

All that said, it just looks like this dude is really good at sniping. I'm sure there is still bullet drop and such to make it difficult at longer ranges.

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I wasn't aware of a price hike for that game, but out of curiosity when did they change it? It could very well be from the gaming turning into aomething bigger than originally intended. The early access version of that game was apparently just an open world survival type thing that was pretty disappointing from what I hear. My understanding is they took that feedback and went to make a game more in line with their original trailers and public perception.

I could be wron...

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As much as I dislike the slapping of Battle Royal into unrelated games, I don't hate the idea of a pirate themed ship based version in the vein of SoT.

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You are welcome to enjoy what you enjoy. I had an online gaming buddy who insisted to me that I could not enjoy BF Bad Company 2 because it was terribly balanced or whatever. It's not my favorite BF game, sure, but I had a lot of fun playing that game with friends, but apparently none of that actually happened and I hated every minute of it I guess.

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They have hits and misses, but I by no means think they should tank. I love Borderlands and the Brothers In Arms games were also well liked. They aren't a perfect company, but they are far from "die in a fire" levels of bad.

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As much as I don't agree with CHEF, there were plenty of mediocre to bad games with the Duke Nukem name slapped on them after 3D.

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I hope this is meant to be a joke and your not actually this hateful and intolerant of a person.

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