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Maybe it takes place further into the future, where intergalactic travel is possible, and species from this galaxy start interacting with species from another (most likely the Andromeda).

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I'm waiting for a sequel well into the future where we get in contact with, or discover a way to travel to, the Andromeda galaxy. Could use a number of new intelligent species in the franchise. Maybe the galaxy as a whole had a powerful leader who enslaved the majority of the galaxy's inhabitants/planets, and those in the resistance reluctantly try to seek help from species they basically just met from the Milky Way.

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Maybe he's just been disappointed by the games not improving a whole lot and this might be his way of protesting the game or marketing, or even WWE themselves. Obviously money isn't an issue if he's willing to opt out of the contract, since it's basically free money.

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Didn't Sony already do this for the PS3 with a few Ubisoft titles? I could have sworn Assassin's Creed 3 often ended with the PS3 branding. It's nothing new for either side.

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I just want a wild west Assassin's Creed

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I work in the electronics department at my store. We initially had 29 preorders and only about 5 extra units that sold out on launch day (XB1 only had 8 preorders apparently). We did have 40 more on order for Black Friday, but they haven't come in yet. They're doing the same for the XB1s when they come in, but yeah, corporate said we can't sell any more that come in until BF because they are marked for that occasion. Same with all the TVs and even games. We're about completely...

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I guess we need to wait for a tire damage physics engine rofl

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I hate the handling in NFS games. It takes me right out of it. Way too slip-slidey.

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The most I ever used was 3. 2 PS3 controllers and the BT remote

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In my opinion, the game looks alright, but it's not really a must-have for me. I'm not big on shooters, and could live without playing this. I can see it coming to PS4 easily anyway, possibly even bundled with the sequel if there is one. Microsoft doesn't own publishing rights; they just bought timed exclusivity.

As for this version being 'superior' to the PC version, that sounds like a marketing scheme to get people, possibly even PC gamers, to invest in ...

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Game looks decent, but until they fix the atrocious handling of these games, it will only be a rental at best.

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The PS4 still has the AV Multi-Out IIRC, which would support component and composite like the PS3 does now.

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good call. Forgot about that.

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Wouldn't Chico be too old to be that kid in 1984? If Snake was born in 1972, this would put him, and Liquid, at about 12 years old; which is about how old the kid is. Chico was born in 1962, so unless he still looks like a 12 year old boy at age 22, it can't be him.

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I subscribe to PlayStation Plus because of the deals you get anyway. That's likely what everyone who has PS+ has it for anyway. Now more people will be exposed to the greatness of the service just on a value standpoint.

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Sorry about not being a blind fan boy who would give the game a 95 or 100 regardless :-/

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that's why I said probably 90% of the stuff I put would probably not be possible this gen, especially if you want it to run at 1080P and 6FPS

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@Cevapi88: well, we'll see what happens. You'd figure they would give Hollywood a harder time destroying cars, since they're actually destroying them lol

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one can always dream, right? lol. After all, a lot of agreements are timed. GT5 is sure to rake in a lot of money, so maybe having completely totaled cars isn't totally out of the picture, it would just be really, really expensive to license.

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an Italian-American simulation?

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