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lol these sonyfans are a buthurt salty bunch as of late. you guys look miserable over there.

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lol @revengeance you have the most ignorant comment, but no disagrees. sighs and lol sony fanboys.

any new gameplay on this game? or anything worth talking about? or are they just going to ride the hype till launch? im still not sold on slash slash roll jump slash slash. thats just me. any rpg elements like darksouls?

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you are writing an article about it so you must care. i love it, you boys are squirming now. full of rage and hate. was the ps4 even on the ballot? if so, talk is cheap, xone bout that action. you can easily see the difference between the two. you can actually enjoy what xone brings to the table. you cant enjoy a crowd of fanboys ranting ''mo powa'' ''my teraflop is bigger than yours''. what made you even think the ps4 should win? remember, it is focused on gam...

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lol expansion my arse. you mean the rest of the game we should have got for the 60 we spent. it adds another 50 million in their wallet.

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lol failing to impress? it just won an emmy. and after your last article about the xone improving, sony fans trashed your site soooooooo.....

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i wonder if yoshida will say congrats?

lol you haters mad. i love it.

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lol but its ok to talk about nudity just for some clicks. lmfao

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first comes the rumor to watch the reactions, then comes the truth.

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Lmfao you guys are consistent, ill give you that. 99.5% of the comments so far, are sonyfans bashing ms and gamingbolt. alll because gamingbolt put out an article about xone possibly getting better. c moooooon, do you see how silly you look? you swarm into this article like flies to shite, and turned the comment section into it.

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70? thats just over five games a month. better get busy sony, jan. is almost bye-bye. that leaves you only eleven months to put out 70 games.
this is going to be some feat.

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i share played it. the driving was umm uhhhh, lets just say those screen shots are amazing. lol project gotham my arse. what a f n insult to pg. they should have put more detail into cars racing. but eh, those screen shots show breathtaking detail. pleeeeeeeease go back to motorstorm. evo is like a fish out of water here. resorting to n4g screenshot propaganda. its not a good game. its ok no ones perfect, lets move on.

if you enjoy it, by all means do so, but n4g stop feed...

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im excited to try this. looking good.

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Lol at all the non ki fans comments. Haters gonn hate lol u look sad. Keep up the good work ig. My sister once told me if folks arent hating on you, then you are doing it wrong. Think about all the other games that came out with ki no one is talking about. I wont name them, but you get it. Lmfao

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It needs to go to ps plus.

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No news on ps plus version?

I share played it. Didnt make me want to buy it. It will be cool for free though.

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funny how you guys jump right on board with the guy who says something positive, but discredit and tar and feather all the others who say meh. im goin to watch this one from a distance.

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if this game wasn't a ps4 exclusive, we would have written this off already. f n admit it, it looks boring. they have never shown anything worth writing home about. we keep saying to ourselves, ''theres more to it'', ''they are saving something'', ''its a demo''. if you showed your game, and the public response was meh looks boring and blah blah blah, but your game is awesome. wouldnt you show the awesome?

im just saying i...

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@thegreatgamer yeah right? wtf is it anyway? how about some info on the game instead of clickbait.

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Lol at the dc, but honestly they dont have to give anything, and thats exactly what they are doing.

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