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Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon’s Crown Pro
Dragon Quest XI
Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy
Dragon Quest Builders 2
and now Dragon’s Lair Trilogy

2018 is a great year to rock the dragon on PS4

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It’s almost been an entire year of silence on whatever this is

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Didn’t Kojima and Hayter have some beef prior?

I can’t expect that David is happy he got the boot out of MGSV

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Microsoft breathed a sigh of relief that day

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Should’ve opted for a better engine

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It’s 2018 and Switch stil lacks a messaging system among various other things.

It’s not even a matter of competing with other subscriptions services on other consoles, Nintendo has taken steps back from previous systems that had free online

Nintendo’s ability to learn in the online arena is extremely slow. They even feel emboldened by some of their backwards thinking like how voice chat is done on the NS

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People were iffy on Luigi’s Mansion because it wasn’t a Mario launch title

Even when Luigi broke out on his own in a major way it was mired in controversy

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Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.

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I hope they include Zidane in this

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The gap will grow exponentially in September when Spider-Man is taken into account

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I remember looking up Larry Croft a few weeks ago

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“sales, which includes Pachislot and Pachinko Machines, amusement machine sales, packed games, digital games and smartphone games.“

Wow way to artificially boosted numbers outside of the digital and smartphone games.

Last year the series was at 360 million. In one year since then these pachinkos and amusement attractions helped contributed to doing more than double with sales that added to 440 million.

This just diluted everything

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Capcom just can’t stop being Capcom

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Nice additional freebies

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Not big enough discounts

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“Yet, here we are with the re-release of the original Luigi’s Mansion and the game is only releasing on the 3DS!?"”

Yeah because it’s so cheaper to just release it on 3DS because it’s reusing assets from Dark Moon.

3DS isn’t hurting anybody. Why you got a problem with it?

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Telltale couldn’t make an IP of their own to save their lives

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Why compare it to Sonic Mania? Why not just say it’s simply a modern take on a classic series like Rayman Origins & Donkey Kong Country Returns?

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Every should enjoy Tales of goodness

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Death animations will never be outdated. It’s far better than seeing a character do the same thing every time it’s game over no matter the situation

It goes to show how creative the devs can get to show the player’s failure

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