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"Europe and UK"

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These aren't even in Sugimori's art style. Come on, guys. Use your head.

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It need unique and fun games, not watered-down console games. Yeah Uncharted GA might be good, but why play it when Uncharted 3 is better in every way?

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Tepig didn't look like it was gonna turn into fire/fighting, but yet it did.

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I hope Valve succeeds with this

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Can't be Evil Cole, the lighting is blue :(

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Because we know that this is the bar we saw in the Michael-trailer, and too establish that, they placed it in.

And there is much focus on whoever comes in the door, who seems to either: A) A newcommer who is about to join the rest of the Sony characters in the bar, or B) A character who has returned to the bar at a later period (seeing as this would be Coles return from the dead, it would fit).

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Retarded article.

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Disappointing. Looks like I will only play this game when I have friends over, 'cause now I don't have a reason to play singleplayer. And that's no fun.

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I really want Commander Shepard (with female Shepard as an alternative skin, and maybe some random appearances?), and Connor (with Altair and Ezio as skins). Monkey and Trip from Enslaved would be cool, but I don't think that's going to happen. And I'm dying for a Colossus from SotC as a stage. Imagine - fighting on a Colossus!

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I already have those games on my PC/Ps3. Why would I buy them for Vita?

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Ridley is a bad idea, but I'm all inn for Shulk!

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Instead they gave us more shooters. Screw you, EA.

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Sooo, Microsoft copies Wii U. Not that I care, but there's a lot of complaints regarding the Wii U Pro controller (that it copies the Xbox controller). Just sayin'

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Finally, someone with common sense.

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Pretty please be true!

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Miss leading title.

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The Beast is still on the way. John White would never become "The Beast" if it wasn't for Kessler blowing up the city etc, which he did to prepare Cole for The Beast. Either that, or there is more to Kessler we don't know, or a simple (but huge) plot hole.

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Yeah, he probably wasn't allowed to reveal the information :)

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