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I'm not saying all games should play like Vanquish I'm saying all games should prioritize gameplay BECAUSE THEY'RE GAMES.

When you look into previews and interviews leading up to The Order's release, it became very clear to me that [email protected] didn't want to make a game they wanted to make an interactive movie they always briefly spoke or flat out avoided talking about the gameplay, at first I thought it was due to secrecy but no it was beca...

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It has nothing to do with length but everything to do with content being worth the value, Vanquish can be beaten in 5 hours and it has no multiplayer, but the gameplay mechanics in conjunction with the sheer action it throws at you warrants it's value, also with a new game plus and online leaderboards there's plenty of reason to play through it again multiple times.

The Order holds the players hand through a boring grey corridor of slow walking, QTE's, unskipable ...

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Glad to see there are still some gamers that know GAMEPLAY because you know thats what games are supposed to be centered around right ? Not graphics visuals and storytelling. Id rather RAD make a straight to DVD movie sequel much like Heavenly Sword,than a game because gameplay, mechanics and FUN are clearly at the bottom of their priorities.

Their "vision" for The Order is better suited for a Syfy channel TV mini series than a GAME.

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Because gameplay doesn't sell anymore, otherwise Vanquish would be the best selling TPS of all time, you know a game that values mechanics, depth and fun over graphics and visuals. Gamers these days don't want to play games, they want to be handheld through interactive Z-Movies instead.

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Don't hold your breath Square is a hack these days and considering Vagrant Story is in my to 5 favorite games it hurts to say, probably an MMO or some F2P BS.

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It's a pretty long story.

The PS3's complicated architecture stalled development, as well as the jump to HD financially crippled smaller Japanese development houses, why do you think it took so long for GT5 to release, even Kazunori Yamauchi was pretty vocal about it.

Allot of Japanese dev's plain and simply weren't prepared for the 7th Generation. Also when you consider the shift of interest among japanese gamer's...

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Honestly I'm astonsihsed, it was a grand masterpiece in the art of modern trolling, perfection, god-tier, glorious It will be remembered for years to come semper fi Square Enix I applaud you.

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I was going to debunk what you said, but it's just easier to rate you're troll comment 5.5/10 next time try to end on subtlety.

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7.3 million in 2 years is a good a number ? At this rate i don't see it surpassing the Gamecube, the console will acquire a niche little following, but saying it'll end up in 2nd place is beyond optimistic.

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"....concerning hardware limitations."

It has NOTHING to do with hardware limitations, if all devs across all 3 platforms prioritised performance over visuals the PS4 would still be the most powerful system. The reality is the PS4 could have been this god tier alien tech powerhouse hardware but if developers could lower the framerate to 30 fps in order to have better visuals they would, why?

Because graphics SELL framerates don't most gamers co...

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"I didn't hear a public out cry about this."

That's because you were living under a rock, Sony was OVERWHELMINGLY criticised for the PSN hack, it caught the attention of government officials, even made it to mainstream news outlets, the internet was on fire, it was the single biggest gaming topic of that year, seriously where were you ?

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Look at his name, it completely renders anything he has or will ever have to say completely irrelevant .

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Cash grab or not, there are still MILLIONS of RE fan's worldwide that missed out on this game due to it being exclusive on the game, it's a must have for them regardless.

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Well that's a wrap, what I'd give for a Timesplitters 4 tho one can dream :-(

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DMC4 is a better game than DmC.

DmC isn't a bad game, it's great game in it's own right just a terrible DMC game

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I don't think Sam Raimi would be right for this adaption, I enjoyed Evil Dead 2 and Spiderman 2 but his past movies prove that he's far too goofy for a subject matter like TLOU.

Heck I think turning TLOU is very unnecessary, the narrative worked as game because your the driving force ,the 12-15 hours you're playing it you're connecting with the world, the characters like Ellie which is what made it so powerful for some.

The difference between g...

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They need to change the combat for starters give it as much depth as a game like DMC or Ninja Gaiden theres only so much you can do with swinging a chain about.

Also I'm all for them changing the mythology completely maybe something unseen like Ancient Egypt with a new character to fill the GOW shoes,
Kratos is really played out imho.

I like what Jaffe wanted to do with series, basically turn it into Zelda but with a more in depth combat mechanic,...

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Regen health is the worst game mechanic to happen to FPS gaming in the last 20 years, what follows suit with it, is linear level design unbalanced weaponry, and frequent checkpoints. In other words "casualisation " (if thats a word)

In the mid 90's FPS were actually very complex, challenging games, with large levels that featured multiple forks in the road that tested the players navigational skills, wide variety of enemies that required strategic use of diffe...

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Crash isn't even featured on their website, there hasn't been a game in 6 years (that's nearing a decade) and there are currently no plans for a future game.


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"only because it's being made by SE's golden boy, Tetsuya Nomura. "

Im glad you said that, I now have faith.

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