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the last thing the ps3 needs right now is pirated games! The 360 gets away with it as the install base is high so it wont hurt profits as much..not that I agree with it for the 360 either, all my games, which is a large colection now, are legal

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ye, im a systems developer for a large insurance firm in the UK, and im out of a job come 31st march as our jobs are going to India...

And from all the work they have already done in India, there have been plenty of complaints of poor shoddy the language barrier is harder to overcome than these companies think!

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yeah, my point is not that the Wii doesnt have the potential, my point is it just doesnt have the right games on it...for me anyways

A bit like how the PS3 was on release day..only a few games i liked, its only now and whats on the horizon that the PS3 is getting better....the same for 360 when it came out, not too many games...

from what I hear about res evil 4 on it its supposed to control like a dream, now if they would make all the main types of FPS, racing g...

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i think the Wii is just fad for a "certain" type of gamer.

I got bored with the wii after a few times of playing it. Altho I havent played Mario Galaxy which I regret but I will at some point. There are no games on it for me, so to me its a fad.

But then you take all the kids that have one, you know what kids are like, they will never get bored of the same repetitive games. And then women (not all as I dont want to sound sexist!) but a lot are very casu...

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i cant see this taking off...not with the success of DS and PSP, and the homebrew on PSP..not to mention it sounds eerily similar to the GPSX2 (or whatever it called!)

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i downloaded a few games for teh PC over the space of a few months...ive now since went and bought them all (bar one or two which were rotten!)...

so i now feel better with myself lol

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the R4 is common where I live in scotland as well...a few folk I know have it..

I wouldnt say it anywhere NEAR the problem that we have with PC games piracy tho

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i think the game is great...the open world is different...the one thing i would like added though, is an instant replay for the races if you fail...rather than having to ride ALL the way back, it sucks

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there is a reason they are cheaper these days....they dont match up at all to the core2duo's or core2quads. Not to mention the clock speed on this one for a `high-end` is very low

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not exactly a high end gaming rig with that processor! Nice gfx card with teh 8800GT..shame the new ones will be out soon tho.

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this would be amazing...if it comes

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from being an owner of both consoles, i like to know which is best tho, so i can buy it for the better version...

nothing worse than buying a multiplatform game then finding out you bought the wrong one!

For example, I bought Splinter cell for the ps3, before realising it had terrible framerate issues! So if this looks a little better on PS3, then ill get it for that...

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it sounds good in need to have a shot myself of it in a shop or sumin b4 i went and bought it tho...

think ill stick with the dual shock!

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sounds way too hard to control lol

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now that actually looks quite cool!

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damn damn firewall bans GT site lol...ill need to watch later...

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never played any of the DBZ games...they any good? lol

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yeah i do wish i kept ALL my previous consoles lol...but the only ones I have are my recent ones...i.e. ps3/360/ds/psp...

oh, except for the dreamcast which I jsut got back from a family member i gave it to years ago lol

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is this legit? cos how many folk would actually buy it? would it be worth their effort???

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ah cool...looking forward to i know when its coming, it feels even further away haha

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