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2 completely different fan bases, it's literally like saying a new Pokémon is going to impact sales of the next GTA.

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About time I'd love to see what else they can do. Come back to last of us maybe in 10 years or so with Ellie as an adult. Maybe she has a kid of her own she adopted. With uncharted it will be his daughter probably next Gen. But I'm glad naughty dog will branch out.

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Gt7 full vr is huge, especially if you can also incorporate the racing wheel. Good lord that's next level immersion

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Dumb article

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I'm buying it day 1 purely to spite all the politically correct, super sensitive cry babies whining about the author and her views. Which I might add she didn't say anything that's not true.

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GAMES AS A SERVICE stench is strong with this one

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Ps5 dualsense is hands down the greatest controller of all time

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What's wild is everything the ai did is possible. Just your level skill and knowledge of angles would have to be god level

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No pause is nothing new lot's of games have that. Especially soulsborne games

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It's called hating, they trash it because they either can't afford it or there fanboys that refuse to game on a sony platform. Sometimes it's a combination of both.

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Wait what ff11 is still online????

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Those 3 games alone justify the price

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Salty much?

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He must mean Dota and counterstrike

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He is not wrong, now that ps5 is at 30 million developers and Sony are going to start feeling more confident in next Gen only release. The pandemic really hurt this generation the first 2 years.

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Just because the switch is selling doesn't mean it's not time for a new console. It's extremely outdated at this point.

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Just here to see you all roast the author into charcoal

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The elder scrolls combat has always been trash and they are not going to fix it.

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Preach it

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It's definitely not a bad game at all, the hate it gets is unnecessary.

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