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I mean tbf an open beta like a month from launch is to all intents and purposes more like a timed demo than an actual beta.

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Just factoring in inflation over the past decade or so accounts for that extra 10 dollars for current gen games. Nevermind increased development costs.

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I don't see the time frame increasing. It makes no sense to speed things up and costs money. I suspect he is alluding to the reach of services like ps now anyway when he dreams of games being available more readily. Ofc streaming had some serious limitations that mean in practice its not replacing physical hardware anytime soon

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Cyberpunk was buggy as he'll but the content in terms of interesting story and quests IS actually there. Please don't lumber it in with the absolute festering shit that was fallout 76 and the even worse anthem ... omg that truly was just irredeemable awful. I'm not excusing cd project red or the state of cyberpunk or the features that are just fucked (police anybody?). But my god its on a different level to anthem I oarticular even as a bug riddled mess

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The fia likely required them to go nuclear to stop cheating via save file editing. It's likely a precondition fir the fia to license the game.

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The online only to prevent cheating by editing game saves is a requirement for the fia licensing.

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It's an issue for gt7 because of the fia licensing. It historically was a problem with gt5 and I believe gt6 where people worked out how to edit their save files to give them cars and modifications and such on the cars that they had not earned and in some instances shouldn't have been able to have on this car models. Now usually that's just a matter of cheating but with the FIA licensing for the exports side of things it becomes more serious and I expect the online only aspect is ...

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True issue they have is marvel approached Sony over spiderman and prrsumeably after its success offered them wolverine aswell.

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Except it is Sony that has the closer relationship with WB games and DC lol

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Jim Ryan has literally stated as has Herman Hurst they have 0 intention of day and date bringing titles to pc when it's a first party studio title. That select games would come to pc a minimum of 2 years after their pc release often longer. Atm they outsource the work to third party trams but it appears they have bought one. Yes one studio to handle porting games to pc. So at most I'd expect 1 or two titles a year assuming some of the work is still outsourced. We have uncharted next s...

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To install more ps5 games....

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I got the Samsung 1TB for about 150 off amazon UK plus another tenner for a heat sink.

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Plenty of reason in this case. The whole game is linked together, your progression is carried across everything. On pa3 gt players found a way to edit the save files and give themselves loads of credits and get fully upgraded cars etc.

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Eh in my opinion we should get harsher articles if/when it is. There's a big difference between Sony having been asked by marvel to make games using characters of their choice and creating new series of games from scratch and them being exclusive. To buying a major publisher, deliberately lying and suggesting twitter do that and attacking exclusives as

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Mate it's not a free update they've literally said there won't be any more free upgrades.

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@evertonfc the medium is already on ps5 aswell so I'm nit even sure thst countd lol its been like 6 months if that since its xbox release.

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@logicwins actually the spiderman trailer judging from the smallprint at the bottom was real time in engine footage. A cutscene yes but as the last spiderman showed us cuticles and gameplay were seamless transitions and both ran real time.

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Erm what? We have death loop, horizon forbidden West, forspoken, gt7 and Kent Bridge of spirits just the ones I can think of off top of my head within the next y months. Then we still have God of war, spiderman 2 and ff16 over the 12 months or so following the others. This is assuming Sony reveal nothing else due to release sooner.

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No news on if that Is actually exclusive. After all that deal was made before Bethesda got purchased.

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Daredevil would be a good fit for insomniac too I think.

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