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but the ps4 proves you can do both lol

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idk about doomed, but you can’t despute that it would have done far better on ps4. the switch’s market isn’t even targeted at the people who would normally buy bayonetta. there’s no doubt it would a better game overall had it been a ps4 exclusive over a nintendo one.

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absolutely not the switch.

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the double-standard for nintendo is hilarious lol

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yeah, i’ll keep waiting lol

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i just got an xb1 a little while ago, i hope they keep making good games for the next few years

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what? did you even see how many ports from the ps4/xb1 that the switch has coming? lol idk about xb1, but the ps4 will continue to dominate, and will have plenty more games to keep them ahead of nintendo. the switch has how many “must-have” games right now? mario and zelda?

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omg, they have puyo puyo as a mini game. that's awesome lol

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that's fair, it's definitely not a game for everyone. they've been getting better and better with each new game, but there are still some things that need to be addressed. it's a really great series for fans though. not many devs can hold a stable track record over and over again.

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great or not, the vast majority of fans want an actual colonial marines experience. a squad-based shooter that's actually good is every fan's wet dream. we want to kill aliens with our friends, not be forced to sneak around in a 1v1 situation. isolation was good for what it was, and was actually a good game based on the aliens franchise, but everyone's still waiting for that one great aliens shooter.

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meh, let 'em have it lol it's not a system seller, and most people will play it on pc anyways. also, bluehole is worth almost 5 billion right now, so ms is gonna have to shell out some major dough to get pubg to themselves.

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league and dota 2 have been doing well for years now lol

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certain people just can’t handle it or don’t have the mental capacity to. any subject matter can be subjectively good depending on who you’re talking to.

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in a proper market, all competitors should always be scared. when you have a monopoly, you get that bs where one comapany dictates how things are, which usually ends up with the consumers being screwed over because of greed. i don't think there's been a case where a dominant company has lowered prices or offered more. it'd actually be nice if ms made a big comeback to narrow the gape, which i seriously doubt they will, but it'd balance things out.

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i'm glad ms was able to win the past few months. the consoles need to be in better competition with one another so that you don't get one making ridiculous decisions just because they can. i hope ms is able to close the gap to within 5mil units eventually.

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Are you seriously okay with paying an extra amount of money for no reason whatsoever? Seeing as Sony has pretty much won this gen, I think we can all put away our fanboy/girl tenancies aside and look at things objectively now. The ONLY reason for this increase is because they can. The service will not change one bit(for better or worse), so what exactly are we paying extra for? If anyone can answer this with no bias, I'd legit like to know.

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the game had a day-one patch AND just recently had another. why should we have to keep waiting for a fix on something that the dev HAD to have known about before the release? it's not like it's an isolated thing; it's a wide-spread issue with the game.

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That's a really bad example, man. i'm also having troubles seeing the similarities between your car example and what's going on with the scorpio... she's not saying the console won't be playable, she's just saying declaring ms the "winner" from a concept is a bit ridiculous. wouldn't you say that's reasonable?

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not sure why all the disagrees. i've played all of them up to date and the combat leaves a lot to be desired, especially after playing games like batman.

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ok, bro! pvp iz teh bestest, bro! league, bro! bro, bro!

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