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I think its a debate because the word "fun" in games means different things to different ppl. Like for me, if I'm having a good time, then it's fun.

Others may consider games with darker themes or sad stories not fun, maybe since the character in game is going through tough times so saying "fun" sounds weird?

To each their own definition I guess

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His comment.

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the difference between MGS and DS is that MGS gameplay videos had always looked fun

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It's completely fine here. If it's that bad with you then my guess would be your TV, is game mode on? also some TVs take a bit longer to process HDR content, so consider turning it off and see.

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tbh I expected much more than sound effects taken from cuphead and put in sekiro

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that's not bloodborne combat, you only made the dodge range shorter without changing anything else..
no weapon transformation, no guns..

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thought by choosing decima engine he basically chose sony

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The witcher is better than Nioh in everything except combat. Nioh's combat is REALLY one of the best

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you're annoying.
stop commenting.

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How's guacamelee 2 not there?

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and R2L2/R3L3, no bullshit front/back cameras, no rear touch, and with that it should have a reasonable price..

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they were playing a UEFA champions league game, and sony are one of the main sponsors

so it should appear in the xbox version as well.

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more like melania trump

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yeah, the title is kinda shitty... "my wife loves the game, therefor it's a masterpiece!"

maybe if he rearranged the same words, like "tlou means so much to me, because my wife thinks it's a masterpiece"? idk..

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kinda disappointing that vita's best seller is a psp game..

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I'm confused... why is PSX now? is this different from the one in December? is there a press conference?

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actually the only games that did an incredible job with hdr are uncharted 4 (for some reason it even looked better with lost legacy) and horizon

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@ultranova in ds2 they didnt change enemy placement in ng+, they only did that with the remaster. ng+ in ds2/3 only adds new rings.

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for me:
death gambit
shenmue 1&2
dead cell
guacamelee 2
overcooked 2 (awesome party game)

chasm releases today on ps4 and vita

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