You Sir, Do Not Praise The Sun
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Ten bucks says its just a locked door. Same in Bloodborne at bridge of Cleric beast fight. There will not be DLC for this game i would almost also bet. From let Bluepoint take the keys on this project and Bluepoint Im sure would never try and alter that path majorly. I also think Sony will buy Bluepoint at some point as well.

Just sucks I have the new Demon's Souls and no PS5 to play it. Over 90% of players trying to throw $499.99 at Sony right now for a new PS5 and So...

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Not launching with the game was a mistake. Ask Firestorm and Nuclear Winter if there is any doubt that isnt the case. These two struggling modes have suffered the wrath.

There should not be multiple B.R. modes for a series either and thats why I dont think we will ever see a MW BR. There is a reason there isnt a PUBG II, Fortnite II, etc. Its bad for the series and splits player base way too much. There is already a huge split when Blackout hit. Most completely dropped COD...

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Your opinion on Souls game design is a result of Ubisoft Open world Fetch games catering to you and not challenging you at all.

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The age of gaming when watching someone else play a video game is more important than playing it themselves........

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Goes to show how much of an impact that series made on the industry. Companies try and affiliate with them by comparing or reaching for a connection in any way they can.

All From Software did was give you a game where decisions matter, no going back mentality, and punishes you for taking chances you cant back up.

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I wish they had a true season pass

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"Since we ran developers off years is what we have to offer"


They want you look at every thing else except the fact they dont have anything special game wise. "Here is another five games on Backwards Capabilty"...... Why is exclusives so important?

Ask Sony this question tomorrow after the release of Spiderman.

I guess I got Netflix/HBO Now on X1 to go home to.

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I cant even find a regular PS4 Pro. Sold out at retail. Amazon has third parties selling for over $100 what they retail. Sold out everywhere.

A ton of Xbox One X's, Xbox One S, Switch. But no PS4 Pro.

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"This is the console that brings the power, lets introduce the Xbox One X"............

"No, really guys. You must have this Xbox One X 2. Its going to change the way you game"....................

Still waiting since 2013 on new first party IPs.

I bought a PS4 Pro instead and called it a day. Problem solved.

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What's the difference other than the one having more games?

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Players like myself just didn't run out and buy this one once we did more research. Nothing wrong with the game if that is what your interested in. Myself, loves actual gameplay/amount of combat/combat system.

I thought of it as something similar to Quantum Break with more dialogue choices. A movie and a video game. I have not actually looked at any reviews. So I could be way off.

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Sony new Ips/exclusives/lifetime PS4 sales > MS E3 win.

I'm supposed to be impressed that MS showed me games I can buy on PS4.......

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I likes it. It wasn't bad. It was creepy but the documentary straight scares me. For real.

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The game will be where I live. No complaints here. I always have 200mbps speed anyway. But they are right. Alot of towns here just don't have it.

If gamers really wanted to see what the game maybe could entail or atleast the atmosphere look up West Virginia history. All I can say as if they pass on doing something with the Mothman, they really missed on what could have been a good mark.

Look it up. Mothman. It's very mysterious. It entails aliens,...

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It makes the DSFIX look bad in my opinion. I have done a ton of side by side screenshots. Not just the textures looking better. Where does this really shine???

Frame rate. DSFIX even on a high end PC would struggle in areas. The Remaster fixes alot of this.

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It's an excellent marketing tool. It will bring new comers to the Souls genre.

Yes. Souls is it's own genre.
Yes. Bloodborne is part of the Souls series.

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I though when Phil stepped in, it would get them back on there feet. At the time he acted like games was his biggest concerns. He must have meant third party cause devs jave ran from Microsoft ever since. It's sad how no new interesring IPs have got on board.

It's basically the only reason I didn't buy X1X. Games. My current X1. I die in Cuphead.....then basically stream media.

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They gave Sunset Overdrive (awesome game) and no body bought it. Then gave it free.......

They gave Quantum Break a movie and a game.......and nobody bought it.


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This game is literally the most unsatisfying "when you get a kill" in gaming. You can barley see the ememy most of the time when getting the kill. Winner winner chicken dinner is supposed to fill that void? I can see why guys would want better maybe they can actual see something.

Local eye doctors probably got a ton of business from PUBG players thinking their eyesite was bad when really it's just the game. LoL

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