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he means console games are obsolete garbage in comparison to pc games. pc has all the innovative indie titles, and all the cutting edge graphics. you're welcome.

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i remember the teaser site for fallout 3 - had a countdown that led to a reveal/ announcement trailer. was pretty awesome :)

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no real backwards compatability this gen = i'm sticking with PC. i've got over 100 games on steam and when i upgrade a component every few years (might get a better graphics card next year), all those games look/ play better! my games library never becomes useless and i don't have to hang on to obsolete physical media/ hardware - my library constantly grows and constantly gets better :)

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it's a mistake because nobody wants a web cam watching them all the time, and voice/ body language commands are annoying to use.

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Doesn't appeal to PC gamers ;)

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drop rates are tied to different servers - so if a lot of people in your area are grinding or not grinding, it impacts your drop rates.

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forgot pc > all ;)

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those modes and maps will come as dlc or an expansion pack so they can milk the franchise even more

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steam boxes are using hardware components from multiple manufacturers - so there will be competition to provide the best, cheapest system. i'd say bang per buck will generally be much better than a console. this is for people sick of fanboys and console wars and just want to play on a system where the user is king.

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true competition can only happen on an even playing field - we want the games to compete for our money, not the hardware it runs on.

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those issues aren't caused by playing games, people with those problems tend to gravitate towards playing games - just like how violent people play violent video games (it's not the games that make them violent) and social outcasts gravitate towards illegal behaviors (drugs). but yeah, obviously too much of anything can be bad and lead to problems...

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maybe they removed it because the game doesn't actually run at 60fps, 1080p or they aren't sure about it? gotta be some other reason, cuz feeling bad about taunting your opponent isn't really fitting...

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yeah cuz no one torrents operating systems

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i'd replace red dead redemption and the last of us with starcraft and minecraft

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yeah i read the article. vsync is a gpu software feature, this g-sync thing involves a physical addition to the monitor. i'd say this is more like getting a physx card in addition to the gpu, or a sound card - both additions are relatively pointless imo since rather than getting an extra device you can just put that money towards upgrading the gpu/ mobo which would solve any related problems.

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seems kinda gimmicky - any lcd monitor with a 5ms response time isn't going to be much of a bottleneck, those issues should be fixed with a decent graphics card/ internet connection...

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sounds like the hdd from a cheap laptop

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the touch pads on the thumbs have some kind of haptic feedback, there can be extremely nuanced "physical" resistance and customized texture... even read vibrations can stream audio from there...

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well, that's a bummer

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