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I'm truly sad deep down. The series was a masterpiece of the horror genre because the the sound and story. I think this is best for silent hill. The series has to be recreated in its own sense. Relying on 1 person dose not make the game better. R.I.P TEAM SILENT. Akira....

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The series deserves to be reinvented!
Thats just me though, being a fan of the first 3.
Maybe they could retell the story... idk...

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If i got my girlfriend this she wouldn't wanna see me anymore. I got her pokemon for the DS, and everytime were out im invisible to her. No way in hell am i getting her this or a wii.

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What the H3ll are they doing?
Trying to pick 1 exclusive from each console and trying to start a flame war?
This will never end. Buy whatever is available to you. If you have both consoles get both. Other then that lets not even get into whats the better game is until they both release.

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Metal gear!??

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Might gamefly it.

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Why Sony :'(

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People should buy whatever interest them.
If you want Alan awake, Gears Of War, And the Halo series :XBOX360

If you want God of war, Heavy Rain, GT : PS3

Or if your into Mario, Zelda, Casual games : Wii

I only mention'd 3 games per console to avoid fanboyism.

Its not about the console, its about the games.
Buy wahtever you feel interest you more.

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360 owners want a ps3. Price was the issue, now its not...
so now that sony drop'd the price what the big deal?

I bought the 360 at launch. And bought a ps3 when mgs4 came out.
I waited for the price to go down from $600-$500.
Now its $299.... O.O
If your a 360 owner, and your telling me that you dont want a pas3 after it cost half of what it cost at launch then your either lieing to yourself, or you honestly just became addicted to a microsoft...

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I would love to see what QD can do on the psp... imagine something like this on the go...
3-4 hours in a car wouldnt feel so bad xD

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This is soo unique.... wow.

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Dx Rock Band is soo easy, even on its hardest difficulty =C

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I just cant spend more then $30 on this game. I'm saving up next year D: I only have $275. I'm getting MAG, Alan Wake, FFxiii(ps3), and Demonsouls (oct.2009)
I will rent it though!

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I put so much work on adding linux to my ps3. There would be no point. As a gift though to my little brother who has a ps2, he would go insane. I got him a ps2 last xmas, and he nearly cried. So This price cut gives me a chance to let my 11 yr. old bro experience TRUE gaming.

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Had nothing to do with this. It was a mistake. Besides ps3 owners have GT, so whats the big deal?

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For those in Canada who have'nt finished the fight and want a 360, this is good for you. Just play Halo 3 with low expectations. It has its moments, but overall i was upset by the way it ended! Why master cheif, why!?!?!? :O

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This is a good move for sony. It just makes me wonder what will happen next. Everytime Sony does something, microsoft try's its best to top it.
Either way Games for eevryone.
Goo Sony!

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Forza is a good game series. Just because its on a console you like dosn't give you the right to put it down.
GT is an amazing seires, but why cant i like both? Is it because i'll get attacked by ps3 users? Or 360 users? This console war is BS. Just be happy :)

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