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MH world is a menu simulator with $hit controls compared to Dauntless. IMO

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Looks like Fortnite but plays better than MH World.

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Its just business sense anyone with a logical brain would understand. PC gamers are just salty that publishers are jumping ship from a platform that is screwing them.

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Go Woke Stay Broke..

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^^^This. Same here

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SJWs and twitter happened.. Director claims there wont be any Klassic skins even as dlc. Just dont buy it, im not.

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All we need now is a transgender scorpion and we're all set.

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Ive been a fan of this franchise for over 20yrs and i too Won't be supporting spineless decisions from devs that submit to the cancer that is plaguing this industry.

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@Boing1 LOL! Upvote for you sir for making me laugh.

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The only people that are upset about this are the people that have all the time in the world to grind, and then get mad because someone paid a buck or two to get what they grinded for? GTFOH, People need to mind their own business and let people pay for what they want.

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They need to fix the thrusters animations to match the movement. Currently the physics dont look right.

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Its a really fun game, just priced wrong.

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I couldn't care less that they are adding a female character to this game. Im just pointing out the spreading of cancer that feminism is in this country by forcing devs and artists to add stuff like this to avoid backlash from people like you, No matter how stupid and silly it is.

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I agree with you, the only reason why bf2 didnt have a season pass was because they were planning to fund dlc through optional microtransactions. Which they implemented horribly. What did people expect? EA to do a full season of content for free after people got the micro transactions removed? Lol get real. The video game industry is a business not a charity.

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RIP Bestbuy for me.

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@Snook, Exactly and that is the majority, which this whole complaining and whining was for nothing but wasted keystrokes.

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This controversy is hardly going to put a dent in sales for this game. Most buyers dont even know or care about this.

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I totally agree with EA Fu**** up big time. Progression shouldnt of been implemented. But they did go back and fix the time it takes in the progression. Just sucks that such a great game's future content will now be scrapped.

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All those games have dlc to them lol

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