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Ask some music artists what they think of Sony music and maybe you won't be yelling "long live sony". Sony is the company that gave us rootkits and executives who claim anyone who wants a CD to listen to in their car, on their MP3 players etc. should buy multiple licenses. That's it's STEALING to rip a CD you purchased and then listen to it on your PC etc.

MS is not perfect, but thinking Sony is completely altruistic is blind and stupid.

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I first read this blog entry about the HDDVD add-on a couple of days ago on AVS forum. There is a large thread devoted to the Xbox 360 HDDVD player and according to those who have had access to one, it's very quiet. Most of the noise of the 360 is from the DVD drive, so take that out of the equation and you just have the fan noise. The fans in the 360 are louder than I'd like, but honestly, I never noticed them when playing a game or watching a game trailer. I've heard mostly positive news ab...

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Atomic is an excellent magazine. Just because it's not as well known you shouldn't discount their opinions. In fact, in many ways I trust their opinions more than the bigger sites. It's a bunch of geeks just telling it like it is. So many of those longer articles tend to rehash a lot of things like the back story or they talk about the development process etc. This article just spoke about the gameplay mechanics (including some minor issues), how many weapons you can carry. Then they addresse...

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Seriously, I don't hate the PS3, I plan on lining up for hours to get one at launch (if possible) however, I'm just not seeing that this trailer is even close to the E3 trailer. It looks good, but not OMFG good. Sorry.
Saying that, it's good to see some positive press about the PS3.

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Their conclusion? Don't waste your money on expensive cables.

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I've been ordering cables from monoprice for years now including HDMI cables. In fact, I posted in this site about monoprice a couple of weeks ago. Guess n4g didn't see my post as they could have put this news up earlier. The prices charged in stores for these cables is just crazy. The monoprice cables have been tested professionally and showed excellent performance.

There is a lengthy discussion on monoprice cables here:

You can purchase a quality 6ft HDMI cable from various sites online for around $4. Even less if you buy in larger quantities. So the argument that it's too expensive to include one is not valid. I can see how it's a difficult choice because some TVs only support DVI (if they have a digital connection at all) which would mean they would need an adapter or HDMI - DVI cable. So it's probably better that Sony don't include a cable but not because of cost. What people should realise is that it's n...

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I was really hyped about Dead Rising so I bought the game the day it came out. After about 30 - 60 minutes of gameplay I began to realise the truth... this game sucks! Using any kind of projectile weapon is incredibly annoying (except the shotgun). The save system is terrible. The missions are boring. I hate escorting people back to the security room. Everyone I know who has tried it has hated it. Why people want to punish themselves by playing this game is beyond me. I ended up playing Prey ...

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