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But that was pretty obvious imo.

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@chazzsweet look at what jmc8888 said that is my reason.

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No it's better.

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You know there are a lot of live streams not just 1.

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Driveclub also had and still has that.

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What are you talking about? You know morpheus has yet to be released and they already announced the release date(q2 of 2016) and microsoft has been hyping up the cloud since the reveal and it can be used.

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@iSuperSaiyanGod I know it was sarcasm but it wasn't even funny.

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No you didn't there is no way you can be faster look at how many times he tried it(1567) he knew what button to click at what time and everything and i'm sure you didn't.

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The gameplay is great.

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Pokken tournament does that count?

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And they still don't do events through the e shop but no they have to give cards at stores that aren't in the netherlands. Recently they posted a video for a dragonite and again it's only in the us at gamestop but you can get this dragonite easy with the game but the dragonite has a hidden ability but something like diancie how can i get that if there isn't any gamestop in the netherlands.

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If he asks for 1 of these games on the list you should let him play it because there isn't 1 game on the list that is bad for children.

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Yes in the conference they said welcome to the first annual psx or something.

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Everyone did but Driveclub has a lot more cars now.

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You make $20950 a month? damn that's nice please tell me where you work

$20950 / $82 = 255 hours / 4 = 63 hours I don't think anyone wants to work 63 hours a week lol.

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It's pretty amazing imo the person that made this has a lot of talent but you're right he should make his own game but still this looks awesome.

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I have no idea why the competition is on xbox 1 but here:


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There are no legendaries in the list :(

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Maybe the new characters from littlebigplanet 3.

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