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I'll just stick to cleaning it every other day

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I'm buying it cause i heard Virgil at the end. if he's playable like in devil may cry 3 special edition I'm sold

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lol idiots at number 4. Clearly they don't know the difference between Dante (devil may cry) and Dante's inferno

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I'm surprised you got that far 6 pages for a top 10 I clicked off it

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No rise to honor or jackie chan stuntmaster


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I got older

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The only opportunity they are missing in my opinion is that they aren't releasing them for the vita.

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Couldn't even be bothered to go through the article after it was asking me to go to the next page after one point.

But I'm assuming it's only a moron who thinks Sony's Playstation division makes up the entirety of Sony. Thus spurts garbage about how Sony is doomed because of the PS3

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I was watching the build up and that douche michael Pachter was talking sh1t saying there wasn't going to be much from Ubi. Owned much I think

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I agree with you Ubi had a very good showing this year. and watch dogs looks very interesting

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This video pretty much sums it up


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"In a surprise unveiling" lol

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lol at that dildo sword

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This sort of bundle has been replicated by retailers for quite some time. Amazon was recently offering the vita a 4GB card and a £15 game which included mortal kombat. For £195

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ka pow, ka splat, yazoo, ah Croc good times

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Got mine an hour ago I'll be checking it out

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what attitude, some cry baby writing a worthless article because rayman is in the bargain bin. What has company risk and new ip's got to do with anything. nice one genius

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see now that comment shows how much of a douche you are. I haven't bought a cod since cod 3. You're the gamer who is holding back the industry because of your stupidity. Rayman is in the bargain bin at a store who cares

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Get over it

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I've been playing dynasty warriors for the past 12 years now

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