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The sales data is made up shit.

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It is already over a million! neither Amazon, best buy, or Walmart report their numbers to NPD or VGChartz so that will easily make up 250K and nobody has even counted the digital copies.

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How about both?

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As soon as you say that the stupid ass PS4 fanboys show up to hate on the game because they're butt hurt over the game not going to that platform for a year.

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The last guardian seems weak, Horizon Zero Dawn looks like an ARK rip off, and No Man's Sky will prove to be a second rate elite dangerous or star citizen clone.

None of this would be that bad of course if it weren't for the fact that Elite Dangerous and ARK are already playable on the Xbox One.

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Also, they're right!

If this game continues to be perceived as an average title then it is a series of strikeouts for Sony.

I say this as a PS4 owner.

LBP3 was glitchy and Drive Club was broken at launch.

Infamous was okay but, shorter than I expected.

Killzone was boring to me and knack was as well.

Some of the Indy titles were okay.

Also, the average metacritic score ...

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Okay, first of all neither Sunset Overdrive nor Forza Horizon 2 were duds... SO actually sold as a bundled in game in addition to those games sold separately and the consoles sold out.

Second, dogging the competitors decent games just makes you look desperate.

Third, give this game a few weeks for the hype to wear down and then see what people say about it. Ryse was a very fun game that got abused by the press and yet, 2/3rds of users loved the game.

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They still have one trump card left and 4 months to change Warner Bros mind...

They'll start selling the HD add-ons for the 360 for $100 as well as the Chinese Branded Players and the Toshiba HD-A3... Before you know it there will be 10 - 15 Million HD-DVD Players on the market and that would be far too large a group for any studio to ignore.

Basically, they're going to get real desperate and it might just pay off.

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The consumer hasn't chosen Blu-Ray and they're right, if you remove the PS3 (still the #3 Console) from the equation then there are more HD-DVD Players on the market than Blu-Ray.

As for claims of superiority, Sony chose a Java based software package... When has anyone known Java to be good or fast? It simply is neither and every version has been prone to memory leaks so this module will likely be no different.

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