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Do you know all sixteen of these dlc's? Do we know theyes are all on the disc? CDPR has typically done right by fans because it helps their bussiness. Is there anything wrong with that? Yes every firm is out here to make money, how would they exist if they didn't make money? Not everything is a conspiracy. Just most things.

And it's not like they are charging for on disk content. They are slowly roll in things out

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It definitely revved up the hype train. Which is saying a lot as I felt like hype for this was already rather high.

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If he feels the need to voice it, often, for a bunch of people he doesn't know, then yes, he is a hipster.

Yes, that is certainly a run on sentence.

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That doesn't make sense, PT isn't vaporware, it's some new form of stolenware. Silent hills doesn't qualify as vaporware either, it was cancelled within a year of announcement. Probably close to within six months.

You seem to think that there is some sort of conspiracy going on. But what would square gain by spending money on a game, for a decade, and not putting it to market. They specifically stated an certain install base they wanted before the game comes out ...

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I agree on almost all points except that I don't believe ffxv can be considered vaporware anymore. Yes, level 5 is awesome, like mindblowingly awesome.

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I think some missed it, and yet it was painfully obvious.

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I'll agree with you on everything but gameplay. Bloodborne has great mechanics. Visually it never stood a chance.

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If you bleached your anus, i'll totally eat some of that butt. Otherwise you're om your own.

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I saw this game on wondered if the story would keep me engaged. The combat looks very good, and rather difficult. Is it worth breaking my ps3 out of my storage?

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Gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boy's hole.

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I found it very good. There's one great moment.

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Uuuugggghhhhh yeah. I jailbroke and installed an emulator on my old iphone just for this.

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Ultimately it will be content. If sony can craft compelling exclusive content people will buy it. occulus will sell well period. PC has a big install base and more content.

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That doesn't even make sense.

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Uuuhhhhhh spoiler maaaaaaaan. I was hoping some tig old bitties........

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You're an enabler. Stop it man.

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You have bad friends and family. Cut your losses.

I'm mean.

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Sometimes feedback from the community is awful and immature though.

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Konami is killing whatever good will is attributed to them. It's crazy.

Is it wrong that part of me wants them to fail and see their assets scattered to various publishers that may do their incredible catalogue of IPs justice?

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did anyone else get the"Answer a short survey to continue"? Very weak sauce.

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