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What an amazing port, Rockstar really out done themselves with this one.

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The Half life 2 zombies crying for help is kinda disturbing to me, and sad.

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yeah baby! :)

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alienware lol.

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exactly, like the PS4 is any better, sure Watch Dogs is a shitty port on PC but at least I get to play it at 1080p/60fps. What was the PS4 settings again? 900p/30fps? yea no thats garbage. Plus theworse mod gives me the opportunity to make the game look even better.

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games look better on your PS4 than on your 770? wtf? you clearly must be doing something wrong.

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Man I recently got my 760 and I feel I'm good with it so ama gonna just skip the gtx 800's and wait for 2015 when the gtx 900's come out.

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At least let the show some footage sheesh.

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but its lego's, come on.

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For anyone wondering if you need to actually play the game at 4k resolutions (aka have an insane rig) you don't really need to. The point of the increase in display resolution is to minimize the screen door effect, so you can play at 1080p but the screen door effect would be MUCH less noticeable than right now with the DK2.

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two points:

1. Game size is irrelevant when it comes to defyning a game as 'Next gen'. example: Wolfenstein is 50GB, Metro LL is only 8GB yet it looks more 'next gen' than the former because of its dynamic lighting and physx.

2. The games are technically last gen HD ports (for console), what do you expect.

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@Deadpoolio you cant argue with dumb*sses

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Plus we're gonna be to busy playing Witcher 3 at glorious settings.

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Yea man I was getting tired of all the screenshot comparisons, you have to see the game in motion to actually see the difference.

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Spoken like a true peasant!

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please for the love of god no extra benefits to Google+ users. Thats what ruined Youtube for me, Cant even comment unless you are a part of it.

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@kleptic http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

on the left it says "Engine - Idtech 6"

plus it was mentioned at quakecon that it its using it and not idtech 5.

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@snipercontrol are you stupid or trying to act like it? free is free, dont try to justify that its not free because you have to pay for DLC. thats the most bullsh*t excuse I've ever heard.

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@brish and so does steam but thats not the point, what rdgeoz3 was SPECIFICALLY TALKING ABOUT is not true at all.

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