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Prerendered and fake.


Dont forget to check the BAMMMM there it is gifs (scroll down). Hilarious.

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Us: "yo kid, youre done. No games on your console"

You: "but but but we have Natal. Imagine what you can do with it. Its a game changer!!"

Us: "yea we imagined...and it stank. Natal dont work kid"

You: "but but but it will work. Microsoft is quiet because they save the news for E3 and because they still have a year away"

*fast forward to E3 2010*

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Because they are bots who had placed money on tech that could not work and all the REALISTS saw it coming.

But the ILLUSIONALISTS were capitalizing on hollywood movies where cars can fly 400 miles in the air and you dont need protective gear to walk in space and where you can do minority report stuff.

They placed money on the wrong horse, they were DEADwrong and now they are spinning it.

They been fanboys for the whole year trashing PS3 games...

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MS had no show last year, so they brought out Natal. But Natal was not even pre alpha back than, so they lied about it using MILO.

Well, everyone knows that Natal doesnt work back than. But the bots kept hyping it up. And now the failure is evident.

So they try their best to 1) either downplay Natal or 2) downplay MOVE.

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Am I close?

Can I take home one of the Nintendogs puppies...oops, I mean kinectimals! hahaha

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Lucas Arts is going to reveal a Star Wars game for PSmove that works the same way (except more accurate, precise, and more fun).

Lucas Arts doesnt do exclusives.

Check this out:


Hahaha, this is as fake as sillicon.

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The purpose of showing something like that LIVE or doing a DEMO, is to show to the PUBLIC that THE SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE RUNS SO WELL THAT IT DOES NOT CRAP OUT ON YOU WHILE PLAYING.

Clearly if nothing is wrong with the software/ hardware, you would not have to hide it behind lies and prerendered shit.

Like how Sony is so confident with their MOVE that they just let the gaming press play it/ try it out. Why not. They got nothing to hide. It works perfectly. <...

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"i feel genuinely saddened for myself, deep down i honestly wanted this to be cool but it's looking terrible so far. i sense tough times ahead for ms."

This drama could have been avoided by you if you didnt place all your money on a console whom everyone knows is standing on its last leg.

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360 is on its last legs.

haha deal with it.

I remember you spamming the gametrailer forums with shitty fable 2 pictures and shitty kameo pictures.

How does it feel to be permanbanned from there and that you are now roaming around trolling whenever you can.

Lmao Flopple 2 failed hard. Kameo is a joke. Lost oddysey is shit. All rpgs flop on the 360. Its a shooters console and thats what it will always be.

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Everyone knows that nothing is worse than laggy games. It takes away the experience and feels stupid.

Move with minimal lag is good news.
Natal with lots of lag is good news. For us. Bad news for the bots.

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"By and large positive"

I guess its true what they say. Love makes blind.

When youre that hardcore fanboy, anything is good.

Eurogamer = hardcore fanboys.

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lmao welcome to 2007, monkeys.

360 is standing on its last legs. For over a year we heard the bots excuse about Natal. We told them: "you have no games. Youre playing 2005 games on your consoles"

To which they replied: "Alan wake & Natal."

Alan never woke up, it flopped. And Natal is heading the same way fast.

Whats the latest excuse now? They been playing air for the last 2 years. They still be playi...

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Bots went from: "NATAL IS A GAME CHANGER"

"MS still has a year to fix this"


"Who cares Natal sucks, JUST LIKE MOVE"

I love how the bots have now capitulated on natal and that they are branding it a flop, yet at the same time do some damage control by pretending that PSMOVE will end the same way...

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Rofl this is Lucas Arts, they always do stuff for every platform.

Except the PSMove version will have much better graphics, accuracy, responsiveness, precision and true force lightning ftw.

The kinect one cant even distinguis you sticking your hand up in a wtf moment and genuine lightsabre swing.

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That is a fact. And nothing you think, will change it.

Halo Reach is not a systemseller but will probably sell 6 million copies anyway. Too bad, it wont move a single console.

Neither will Gears 3. Im surprised if they dont make this multi platform tbh. Maybe MS paid them for timed exclusive anyway.

And why else would anyone want to keep buying the same remakes Fable 2, 3, 4, 5, forza 2, 3, 4, 5 and all the other versions which have nothing b...

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Konami conference is also on Tuesday I believe.

So it is simply an unveilling of a new game. Probably the next chapter in the Metal Gear series, featuring Raiden.

Metal Gear Rising.

Instead the bots used it in their desperation and claimed that it would come today on Monday.

You gotta be pretty delusional to think something is coming for the 360. 360 is done and is standing on its last legs. I pity the fool who still cant see...

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of being there and felt bored and needed to get out ASAP, tells alot about the actual event.


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If they cant get rid of that after a year, its never gonna be rid of.

And if a product cant even do something without your avatar going spazztastic, than its a flop and shouldnt be bought in the first place.

So when they are prerecording shows to suck you into buying it, they are basically just LYING to you.

But than again, bots are abused people and are used to being used by Microsoft. If thats your game, than go ahead and find the next excu...

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Because Microsoft still has 1 year to fix the lag and Microsoft can keep a secret and everything will be unveilled at E3...and they are coming out with a new bundle, dubbed ruby diamond crest and a slim version.

Oh wait, its E3 2010 already?!!


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Nobody, not even bots, can be that stupid.

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