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The conspiracy theory bs has been spreading into gaming discussions for awhile now. It’s the same people who like to use the word “narrative” or “agenda”

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Context context context

Don’t you have a vaguely negative thing about Sony to get upset about somewhere?

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Yeah I just counted my physical PS4 games and I’m only at 92, but there is still stuff I’m missing or hasn’t been released yet. Only 62(physical) for the Xbox One this gen is a big oof compared to the Xbox 360. Nice collection Darth!

What do any of you guys think the most valuable (standard edition) game on the PS4 is going to end up being? I hope it’s Gravity Rush Remastered...not because I own it.

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The market is also just larger.

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Where did I say anything about decisions being made? Tribalism is a disease.

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He’s ten years old and thinks this is important stuff. Go easy on him, he’s just learning.

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Why are you so sensitive over the disagrees here, have another. I’m excited to pick up Returnal tomorrow too, disagree with me it means something.

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How is having greater flexibility with how and where I can play Multiplayer games with friends bad? How is that not consumer friendly? If I only have to keep Warzone or Apex installed on one machine that’s a win in my books.

Also I just want to point out that just because someone is critical of Sony, it doesn’t mean they were influenced or it’s some kind of hate wagon. You do the same shit in every thread here and it’s really sad, I wish there was some way to show you how t...

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Right? It’s so unbelievably sad that we’ve been lead to this point.

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Okay? Why do I care? What is your input worth here? Do you have a point?

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You know, I know you’re a special little guy. But I’m going to let you know a little secret, just because you score a game low doesn’t mean you can’t want a sequel. Sony & MS aren’t your friend, grow up for the love of god.

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I’m glad we have you here to be the arbiter of what is valid and invalid. What a reassuring prospect to have you here, thank god.

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So I guess you don’t know the media you overly sensitive little lady.

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This isn’t a monetary transaction you emotionally stunted goon. Just because Metacritics average is 86 it doesn’t mean that’s going to be true for each and every person. Anyone with half a developed brain should be able to realize this, honestly dude I think you need to maybe sit this whole video game commentary thing out. It’s not for you.

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You can’t just declare every lower score to be for clicks, that’s utterly insane.

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