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I only see purchasing EA as logical. It solves most of Microsoft's problems in one stroke, EA has studios, current and legacy IP and a digital download store better than the Windows Store. Only thing is it would cost about 40 Billion and would be the largest acquisition in Microsoft history. I don't see it happening.

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If Pachter says it won't then is most certainly will.

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Yet a modder fixed their game for no money at all and did it in just a couple days by himself. The fact the dev couldn't do that is frankly embarrassing.

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Show don't tell Playground Games. If the X can hit a solid 60 at max settings on the X, just do it and stop claiming you can do it. My suspicion is that it can't hit 60 with any consistency, even at 1080p, due to the CPU.

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And of course, not focusing so much on graphics, pre-rendered cut scenes and bombastic set-pieces in an effort to lower costs is completely out of the question. Oh wait...

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I don't understand the down votes.

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The engine for this game is diabolical. 1440p/60fps on PC is doable at Ultra with a 1080Ti but GPU utilisation is terrible.

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Cool. Good to see that the PC community are doing what the devs couldn't be bothered to do just out of pure passion for the game.

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Oh joy, can't wait for more people to focus on resolution rather than things that actually matter.

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Xbox went 0 - 12 in 2017.

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Hope it's 60fps

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1440p = 4K dominance?

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Whatever helps you sleep at night.

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120hz. Clearly not aimed at console players then.

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Any opportunity to brag about their hardware and distract from their lack of exclusives I guess.

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Once you recognise the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.

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PS4 sold more than double the sales of the Xbox, surprising really as I thought Doom would be a game that appealed to the Xbox fan's taste.

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Not bad for a game that most people probably already bought and played.

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"Activision announced today that Call of Duty: WWII generated over $500 million in worldwide sales in its first three days of release (or “opening weekend,” as the publisher puts it)."

Don't give me that "games are too expensive too make" excuse when we have major publishers posting record breaking profits and within days of a game's release. Even if game were too expensive to make, that would lie at the feet of the publishers that overemphasise ...

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Because Xbox gamers didn't buy the first one.

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